Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Right.... totally got bugger all on today.

Stew is going to take a small load of rubbish to the dump in the back of his car.  It's not enough for the trailer, but too much for the collection bin.

Rather typical.  And most of it isn't even ours.  Thanks for that Lacy!

She did a huge clean out of her stuff, and ended up with 4 black sacks full of rubbish!  She hoards empty Energy Drink bottles among other things.

The weather is a bit iffy today, so we won't be going anywhere. 😖

But then again, I do want to get some new plants for some pots that are going to be empty soon.

My Peony bulbs have not done well in pots, so they are going back into the garden.  Which means I will have several empty pots to fill.

Thinking just Annual or Perennial flowers.  I'd also like to get a few more succulents, for OUTSIDE.  They might actually survive outside.  😂😅😊

I will do a quick trip to the supermarket too, I've got Card Night in Cambridge this evening, and need to find something nice to take for supper.

And that's me for now.

Catch ya later.

What a fun morning!
While at the dump, I popped into the Habitat for Humanity store there.   (Amanda manages it, plus two others).
I found two little glass bottles, sum total of $1.50.
We then went over to another store Amanda manages and found a couple more little things there.
AND Amanda too.

ABOVE:  I spied this Tupperware Jel Ring, and so wanted to buy it.  But Stew said NO, cos I already have a 'few' of them.  Spoil sport.

ABOVE:  It was nice to catch up with Amanda.

ABOVE: My new glass bottles. So darn cute!  Particularly that one on the right... such a funky shape.  

After the op shop visits, we went to one of the best plant shops in town, hands down good prices.

ABOVE:  It is on Te Rapa Straight, behind Animates.  

ABOVE:  We got heaps of succulents!  Now it's time to pot them, find places for them etc.

ABOVE:  Well all the peony's have been put in the ground, and the pots now have succulents in them.
Most of the new succulents went on top of the Air con unit out the front.

ABOVE:   Now I just have to remember not to over water them!

ABOVE:   That is our front fence.  It's got a little level half way that is full of soil.  Every time a piece of a succulent gets knocked off I shove it in the soil there.  It's looking like all those broken bits are growing!

It's now 12.30 pm and Stew and I are taking a break from gardening.

5 pm: Well it's time to get ready for Cards.  I've not been for months, so hopefully I enjoy it.
Best put some face on... tidy clothes bla bla bla.

10.00 pm.  Just home from cards.  I  had a very enjoyable time.  Glad I went now.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You need the App "How Not To Kill A Plant" 🤣🤣 bucketing down here am tucked up on the couch with George still got the tummy bug hope it's not "Long Covid" 💙💙

  2. Fun finds. I think the funky shaped one held maple syrup as it looks like a maple leaf.

  3. I started growing indoor plants during lockdown 2020. They are all still alive as they are mostly succuclents given to me from my friends plants. I just shoved them into pots and put them on the window sill. It's so easy to grow them, the ones you put outside will do just fine if they get a bit of sun. OMG if I can do it anyone can!!!

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Just water your succulents on a certain day of the week, my day is Sunday. But now it's getting cooler and if you get a lot of rain only water when the soil is dry..

  5. Love the plants on the air conditioner. That little bottle came with syrup in it I think.

  6. Looking great. I've never been a fan of succulents but if they are easy to grow maybe I should give them another chance.

  7. What the heck!!! I did not realise it was 5pm until I checked your blog :-). Enjoy card night.

  8. Kiwionholidays9:37 PM

    Chris I think it’s fabulous where Amanda works and some neat pics of her and the shops too,
    So happy you got those wee glass ornaments, love retro and we do the same when we get spare time etc so many awesome things that would otherwise go to landfill,

    Every season we do a huge cull and donate to nearby one here who employs those with disabilities and it’s totally amazing what we find though I only purpose buy

    The gardens looking great and neat you n Stew had some success at the plant nursery’s,,,

    Hope you enjoyed the card night

    Cheers 🥂


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