Sunday, May 08, 2022



ABOVE:  It seems to have taken much longer for all the autumnal colours to come out this year.

It's just so WARM still!  

The only time I feel a little bit cold is first thing in the morning, and a couple of times late at night.

Which is just as well seeing as the heat pump in our main living room is stuffed.  New one gets here in 10 days or so.

This morning I'm taking Miss Muppet grocery shopping.  Starting to teach her how to find things in a supermarket, and how to pay for it.  Checkouts and so on.  It's never too early to learn, and it's something I know she will enjoy doing.

We are getting some ingredients to do some cooking this afternoon.

Something else she will enjoy doing.

Right, that's me for now.  I'll be back later.

9.30 am: And IT'S COLD!!!  We have a heavy fog.

Keera and I went out first thing this morning to do a little grocery shop.

ABOVE:  She did very well!  She found everything on our list. She learnt how to read what was in each Aisle and how to go through the checkout.

She packed the trolley, and took it all out to the car.

ABOVE: Then she had to load it all into grocery bags and return the trolley.

She even carried it all inside the house and put it away.  Her first ever grocery shop on her own (with supervision).  She says she enjoyed it.

Give her 30 years.  She'll hate it then. 😂😅😖

MOTHER'S DAY.  Yeah.  It will be a fairly quiet one this time around.

We are expecting some family to visit after lunch.   

ABOVE:   Some lovely gifts from Lacy (note all blue).  Stew got me LOTTO tickets... we don't usually do much for Mothers/Fathers Days.

ABOVE:  A lovely visit from Andrew, Emily and Liam this afternoon.
I enlisted Andrew's help to make pancakes for afternoon tea.
Big success, jam and cream on top... YUMMY.

Steve and Bex couldn't make it today, we will see them tomorrow no doubt.

Lacy is around here somewhere! She comes and goes like a social butterfly. 😋

Pizza for dinner this evening, my choice... Mother's Day and all that.  

Dinner is done.  All is quiet in the house finally.
Stew is watching sport in the lounge, and I'm watching some house renovation programme in the family room.
I won't be long outta bed tonight, I'm knackered.
It's been a really busy weekend.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You and Keera should sit down and watch the first episode of "Old Enough" on Netflix. It is so cute! But also Japanese, subtitled, and kind of silly. However - the first episode is only 7 minutes long. It is about toddlers doing errands on their own.

  2. Dead heading the roses today and a silverside in the crock pot. Happy Mother's Day 💙💙

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I'm doing a slow cooked silverside too, in ginger ale

  3. Well done Keera! Are you not allowed to fill your grocery bags in the store? Our cashiers won't pack bags or totes for customers except for the occasional one at Canada Safeway (Sobeys).

    1. They will pack your bags if you take them in. I prefer to pack from the trolley into bags at my car.

  4. Ek, I'm heading home for 2 weeks at the end of the month. Will have to pack my thermals for both Hamilton and Taupo 🤣

  5. Keera is a mini Lacy. So cute being all grown up with her shopping. Can't wait to see what you cook this afternoon.

  6. It was thick fog here as well early this morning. Meant to be a frost on Wednesday so that will bring out more autumn colours (though you seem to have found some pretty trees already). Mxx

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Keera looks so grown up. She will have love being important and spending time with you. She will cherish these memories one day. Kj

  8. Nice to see Andrew pop in with the kids to see you

  9. Love the autumn photos. My favourite season. Surprised you had a very quite Mother’s Day considering everything you do for your family. I’d assume you would be very busy with family dropping in to see you. Hope you had a nice day

  10. RHONDA:
    1 - home with kid with Covid.
    2- Here.
    3 & 4 - Estranged.
    5 - Out of town today.
    6 - Lives 5 hours away.
    7 - visited.
    8 - Out of town.
    I heard from EVERYONE I expected to hear from.

  11. Thanks so lovely Chris 💕💕. You have a lovely family


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