Thursday, May 26, 2022


 The girls are not getting a full groom until July.

But their faces are starting to look very scruffy, so I rang our groomers and asked if I could book them in for a face trim only?

And was told I can take them in anytime, no appointment necessary!  So that's what I shall do this afternoon.

Bex is picking me up this morning, we are going into David's Emporium in town.  They have some rick rack in that I want, haven't seen it available for quite some time.

ABOVE:  I have used these daisy's on many projects.  I love that I can get some more.

ABOVE:  they know where to lie!  So cute.

Catch ya later.

Bex turned up this morning to take me to David's Emporium.
We went, we got what we wanted and then came home again.
And... Bex's car wouldn't start.

ABOVE: Dead battery.  Needed a new one so off we went to REPCO and got another one.
Home.  The connecting posts wouldn't fit.
So back we went and got the right size one.

ABOVE:  Oh and I bought ALL of the multi coloured daisy trim.  Might not run out any time soon.  😋😊

Well I wasn't too impressed with Marley's mini trim today.  Admittedly it was only $15 for a 'face trim', but all they did was around her eyes.
Not her muzzle which is starting to get matted.
They said I should bring both dogs in next month instead of July as it was 'necessary'.
Like hell.
Their coats are not too long or matted at all.  Just Marley's face needed attention.
Coco's doesn't, so I won't be taking her in tomorrow.

I simply cannot get the quantity right for just Stew and my dinners.  Tonight I made a macaroni cheese, with Bacon, Onion and Tomato.  Way too much.

I rang Lacy to see if she wanted dinner?  Nope.
So next on the list:   Griffin.
And YES.  He's coming over later for dinner.


And that's me day.
Catch ya tomorrow. 

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