Tuesday, May 17, 2022


 All going well, and it's not pissing down with rain... I'm going over to Cambridge this afternoon for an FBG walk.

I am really looking forward to it too.

If it's rained off, I think I'll go on a walk on my own.  I really need to do more walking, and build up my stamina again.

I'm sure I have 'Long Covid'.  I can work/walk for about half an hour, and then I literally have to sit down and rest for an hour.  I get breathless SO FAST!  Damn annoying.

Does anyone else have this problem after having Covid?

We are looking forward to tomorrow.  Our new heat pump is getting installed. 

It is the VERY LAST major purchase/renovation/improvement to our home here in Hamilton.

Our forever home hopefully.  I just love this house.

Well... you peeps sure have done well!   I've now had over 100 new Friend Requests on Facebook.
That's awesome!

I'm so happy that so many of you who were not already my Facebook Friends have taken the time to send me a friend request.

I've only had to refuse 2!  (Obvious fake accounts)  There's a couple more that are a bit 'iffy', but I will give it time.

It's not like they are going to learn much personal stuff on my Facebook page.
At the end of the day my posts there will be boiled down versions of my blog content.

Not day to day, hour by hour accounts.
Keeping more private, and safe, that's what it's about.

And with that ... I'm outta here.   Got the usual housework jobs to get done before I get back to my sewing.

9.30 am:  I'm getting dressed after my shower.  I want to put some moisturising cream on my feet before I put me socks on.  I also need clean knickers.  So I pull my nightie back on.... and head into the family room for the cream.

Notice a pot without a succulent in it, in the sunroom, so I go outside (in me nightie) to get a cutting from an outside succulent.
Re-pot it into the pot. 

Then I go to grab something out of a kitchen drawer... and OMG it's such a mess... so I start grabbing shit out of it, ready to tidy it up.
Realise I'm still in me nightie.  Shit.
Better get dressed.

Go back to the bathroom, go to put me socks on... bugger!  No cream.
Go get the cream.
Apply said cream.  Socks on.  Tights on.
Oh well... I gotta get changed later to go walkies.

So... that's how ya end up walking around ya house with no knickers on,  and half the contents of a kitchen drawer all over the bench top.  A nice new potted succulent on the windowsill and ya still haven't made the bed. 

Carry on... 

ABOVE:  Well that was fun.  The drawers got a good clean out.  There's a whole container of 'stuff' gone into the back of the pantry that we hardly ever use.
That middle drawer, the one with the sieves etc in it was doing my bloody head in!  (very top photo).
Such a good job done.

Now let's watch some shit muck it all up for me.

Steve's the sort of person who will come in here and move everything around, just to annoy me.
He does the same to pillows on beds, or he just jumps full tilt onto my bed to mess it up!  The shit.
Lucky I love him.

ABOVE:  It was a perfect day for a walk!
Cloudy with a nice cool breeze.  10 of us out walking today.   Masses of leaves everywhere.

Home now (1.51 pm) and time for some lunch.

ABOVE:  This kid called in just in time to finish off our Beef/Potato/Cheese pie!  Well done.  Sorry Lacy, no left overs for you.

It's been a lovely day, I really enjoyed my walk this afternoon.  

I will definitely be doing another one next week.  I shall probably just stick to one a week over in Cambridge for now, until my stamina builds up again.
In the meantime, pottering around home keeps me active enough for now.

Right, time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Thanks for accepting me on your Facebook page. I have really enjoyed following your blog and feel that I’ve learned so much about life in New Zealand. it seems like we all have one (or maybe several) family members who are or cause problems. if there’s something going on in our family we always know Donna will be at or near the.root of it. Anyway, thanks for all th laughs and outlooks.
    Teri Russell, Cumberland, Maine, USA

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    We all have that one kid !!

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I'm glad we can still keep in touch, I have read your blog from the old WW days. Also I do stuff like the nightie/cream/kitchen drawer thing all the time, glad I'm not alone. Trish from Oz.

  4. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong that I can’t find you on Facebook. Are you able to friend me? Barbara Kirkland Quezada. I’ve read your blog for years and I really enjoyed hearing about your life.

  5. OMG do you have enough tongs??????? lololol we have one pair: I thought I might need a second.

    1. What? Doesn't everyone need 10 tongs? I for the meat, 1 for the bread, 1 for the salad, 1 for the eggs, 1 for the tomato, ........ see?

    2. Don't worry Chris ... you are not alone with the tongs! I have at least half a dozen pairs and they all get used when we entertain ... one pair for most dishes/plates 🙂

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Thank you for accepting me as a friend on facebook. I enjoy reading about life in New Zealand and the pictures are just gorgeous! Barbara Thomas New York State

  7. I have the same tupperware juicer, grater, egg separator thingy. I have only ever used the juicer!

  8. I need to have another clean out of my drawers too. They are not too bad but it always amazes me the miscellaneous crap one can acquire 😂

  9. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Yep I think I had covid after effects for a couple of weeks, was very tired, fatigued, sleepy, got breathless quick. Seem to be over it now. Sleeping till noon was a waste of half a day lol

    1. It's been about 2 months since I got Covid! I hope the fatigue ends soon.


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