Sunday, May 22, 2022



We got a sleep in!

Keera woke up and went into the lounge and watched TV.


I've now fed her, got her dressed and she's waiting for Lacy to arrive and take her out for a while.

I've been sewing this afternoon, I'm trying something different... but the same.  I'll show you once it's done.

ABOVE:  And there it is.  A runner put on a canvas.  So a hang up picture.  I'm rather happy with it too.

I made some potato/bacon 'n' cheese rissoles to go with beef rissoles for dinner.   I made enough for us to have them again for dinner tomorrow night too.
Just love doing that, cook once, enough for two nights.

Gotta give Keera a shower soon, then pack her off to bed.
Lacy is coming nice and early in the morning to take her to school.

Catch ya tomorrow.

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