Monday, May 23, 2022


 I'm off to Cambridge first thing this morning for an FBG walk.

I won't be home till about 11 am.

12.20 pm.  I've been home about half an hour.

It was lovely going walking this morning then having morning tea with the girls.

Most of the chatter was about Anna of course.  I tried not to engage in it too much as it was upsetting.  Most of the girls didn't know too much and I sure in hell wasn't filling them in on details that were private.

Stew and I have a couple of things to look forward to.

1.  A trip to Wellington for a few days in early June, to attend a friend's 65th birthday.  She doesn't know we are coming yet.

2. A trip to Auckland in mid June. Stew has a Public Trust conference to attend and I'm tagging along for the hell of it.  I will go shopping and visit family and friends while Stew is busy with his work.

So, a bit to organise cos our first trip coincides with a Keera weekend  edit:  no it doesn't!  Just checked the calendar.

Oh I just remembered something from this morning.

I met a new lady today in our FBG group.  She was chatting away to me and she mentioned kids and grandkids, and she asked me a few questions about mine.

She then asked me how old I was, because she was sure I couldn't be as old as her.

I asked her how old she was first?   She said.... 52!  She thought I was YOUNGER than her?  Crazy woman.

When I told her my eldest was 43 and I was 63 she near fell over with shock!  I kid you not.

She made my day.  

I look in the mirror lately and I feel like I have aged so much over the past two years.  Life has thrown me some pretty nasty curve balls and it shows.

ABOVE:  Today's walk photo.  It was a lovely bunch of girls (and bloke).  Phil goes on HEAPS of the walks, and he's a really neat man.

Stew and I have just had dinner and are now settled down to watch some TV till bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow probably.


  1. Will you pop in on your way thru?
    Told ya your a young tart lol

    1. No firm plans yet... just going with the flow for now. But most likely will drive home via Palmy and see ya all again.

  2. Despite all the crap that has gone on in the last couple of years, you do not look your age - even without makeup :-). Let me know when you are up here & we could have a catch up lunch or something if you get time.


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