Saturday, May 07, 2022


ABOVE:  This is the panel I bought yesterday from Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  I saw it online in their regular newsletter and just couldn't resist it!

I LOVE COWS.... and I can see these becoming really lovely placemats.  

Because Stew got up super early yesterday, he shall no doubt have a really good sleep in today.

So I've snuck out of the bedroom and will leave him to it.

I've got washing to hang out, and I can fluff around in the garage/sewing area until he wakes up.

Hopefully Keera does her usual thing, and watches TV quietly until Lacy feeds her breakfast etc.

I think they are going out for the day to some reserve, so they will be out most of the day.

Stew and I don't have any firm plans for the weekend.  I think today will just be a rest day.

Well, after 2 years and 5 months, I've finally found the right place to hang this:

ABOVE:  My compass wall hanging.  It's gorgeous and deserved to be hung up.  
Stew's off to the supermarket for his usual Saturday morning run.  He gets the Diet Coke to last a week, and snacks usually.

I'm going to stitch some elastic on the bottom of two pairs of tights, to stop them riding up me legs.  It works a treat, like 'stirrup' pants!

Me pants are done.  On to the next mission.
De-cluttering Lacy's linen and clothes hoard.
When she gets home with Keera later on today, her and I going to do the 'tough love' on her hoard!

ABOVE:  That is SOME of her linen! There's more.
She goes to op shops and buys shit all the time.... never mind that she doesn't need it.

Oh HELL.... she's like ME.  

ABOVE:  And let's not even talk about her clothes!  OMG.  There's suitcases full out of sight, probably never worn even.

Tonight we are sitting down and going through IT ALL.
Everything will be scored 1 - 10.  Anything UNDER a 5 is going back to the op shop!
YOU hear that Lacy?

And no, You will NOT score everything a 6 or more.  

Now... Stew and I are pondering what to do with the rest of our day.  Might go out for lunch.

ABOVE:  The girls are out at the lake.

ABOVE: It's a stunningly beautiful day.  And no wind.... perfect mirror image.  Well done on that one Lacy.

For lunch today we went to IGUANA in town.  And promptly ran into a friend from our Auckland days.
Kate was down (can't remember why!), so we had a quick catch up.

ABOVE:  It was lovely to run into you and your cute girl Paige.  You looked gorgeous.  Me on the other hand... not even a hint of face on!  Oh well... thanks for saying I looks nice anyway. 😋😊😅

ABOVE:  We have to stop buying burgers at eateries!  NONE measure up to the ones you can get at Burger Fuel!  NONE.  Iguana's Beef burger was OK, but pretty tasteless at the end of the day.

We are home now, and looking forward to a quiet afternoon.  NO jobs.

ABOVE: Seems she's having fun at the lake.  Lovely photos Lacy.

Well!   Between us, we got all of Lacy's linen AND clothes sorted out.  It as a job way overdue.  She now has about an 8th of the clothes she had before!
I think she's a bit scared about not having enough clothes now.  lol
Never mind, at least now she can close her drawers!  And the cupboard has room for all her stuff.

Dinner tonight was Curried Sausages and baked Potato/onion/egg dish.  Very nice.

Watched TV till now, while also playing Solitaire on the computer.  I don't think I ever do just one thing at a time!

Time for bed now though, it's been a busy day.

Yeah.... a day of rest my arse.  I hate doing nothing.


  1. Resting is good.
    I hope the girls take some pics to share later!

  2. The Compass wall hanging is stunning 😍 quiet day here Guy's not 100% so will let him rest I might do some gardening 💙💙

  3. Wall hanging looks great there

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I thought you were going to have a restful day! Why don't you tackle Lacy's clothes and linen with Lacy during the week when Keera's not there - I am sure it could wait a couple more days. You will only end up wearing yourself out again. Audrey

  5. Linen can go to an animal shelter. I have to ask. How much diet coke does Stew buy on a Saturday?

    1. For one week... 12 X's 2.25 ltr bottles.

  6. I can’t believe you went out without your face on
    Blogger has changed the commenting format AGAIN

  7. Nice to see you Kate :) Out without makeup?... I just can't do that :) I don't ever really get burgers but have never tried a Burger Fuel one -- time I did obviously.

  8. Congrats on getting Lacy's clothes sorted. I would have predicted that DID NOT happen. It can be so hard to take the time / effort to sort that type of thing. I know I am past due!

  9. Loving the cows


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