Saturday, May 28, 2022


 I stayed in bed until 9 am this morning.

Just too cold to get up.

But I finally did, and yeah, freezing.

No point turning the heat pump on cos we have decided to go out and about.

Stew's gone to get his usual Saturday morning shopping (coke etc).

When he gets back we are going to Raglan for lunch.

I saw a post a while ago of my friend Sue having lunch at ORCA in Raglan.  It looked amazing.  A seafood basket type thing.

I want that!  She lives out there the lucky tart... so goes to ORCA quite often.

We can have a wander of the shops and along the beach while there too.  Not that Raglan shops do a bloody thing for me. 

Very yippy hippy, touristy, not my thing.

It has now been a week of not blogging publicly, and it has settled in well.  I'm not missing a bloody thing about it.

I blogged for far too long for other people.  

I can't believe how upset I felt a week ago about it!  So strange, the minute I hit "PRIVATE" I felt better.  It was just the lead up to doing it that had me in knots.

In the pet shop the other day.  There was a budgie who was SO CUTE.  I almost bought him/her.  Told Stew about it.

He was like ... yeah nah.  Boo.

3.25 pm:  Our trip out to Raglan was just lovely.

We went straight to ORCA...

ABOVE:  The view from our table at ORCA.  Just so nice.

I had a heater right behind me, it was so good!

ABOVE: The Seafood Platter for 2.  It was AMAZING!  One of the nicest platters we have ever had.  I was super impressed that there were NO CHIPS on it!

We are going back one night for dinner to try their other platter, which is all meats.

ABOVE: The water tower on the wharf.  I think it's getting converted into apartments.

ABOVE: One of the lookouts has 4 stone statues.  They face North, South, East and West.  That one is NORTH.

ABOVE:  Me... think I'm facing south.  lol

ABOVE: The tide was out, but the views were still stunning. 

Quite like the bloke too.

ABOVE:  Not a big spender today.  Found the bottle and little bug in a couple of town shops, and the white succulent pots at a lady's home shop.

ABOVE:  Her shop is just out of her home... and we almost missed seeing it.  But my beady eyes caught sight of it on our way out to the surf beaches.

We are now home, feet up enjoying the peace and quiet.

Stew is watching... RUGBY.  😖

Stew and I had cheese 'n' crackers for a very late afternoon tea.  Now we don't feel like dinner at all.

Score, no cooking for me.

That's me for the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.

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