Wednesday, May 04, 2022


 I'm off to town this morning.

We ordered a new Britto figurine, and it's arrived, so I will pick it up. There's been virtually no new Britto for months and months, so getting a new piece is exciting.

I also want to visit the supermarket and grab a few necessities. 

I've been trying to grow houseplants, with limited success.  I've killed more succulents than I thought possible!

But ONE PLANT is doing really well!!!  

ABOVE:  It's on top of the cupboard in our bathroom.... and doesn't get much direct sunlight.  But it's doing so well!  And it's lovely.  

I recently re-potted my 'String of Hearts' too.  I'm keeping a close eye on it, cos knowing my luck, it's gunna die.

It's so weird really, many years ago I had HEAPS of houseplants and they all did well.  Now?  

Yeah, lost me green thumb somewhere along the way.

I might have to invest in a few more realistic looking fake plants!

OK... that's enough waffling for now.

Catch ya later.

OH and I've decided to go with.... QUILT for my latest project.  I think it would be ruined as a Duvet cover... too much washing and wear.  But it was worth thinking about.  Thanks for your input, it helped.

ABOVE:  I only got one Britto today, instead of the two I had planned on getting.
Ursula the Sea Witch was just far, far too expensive!
The prices have gone up and there is just no way I could justify buying her.  Sad.
But I did get Ariel, even though she was also expensive... but not as bad as Ursula.

After the gift shop, I went to The Chemist Warehouse for some essentials... $120 later!
Eeee gads, nothing is cheap, even in that shop.

Next stop was the supermarket for a couple of things.  That ended up being a trolley full. πŸ˜•πŸ˜–

Money just GOES!

ABOVE:  Home, groceries etc away.  Girls are in the sun.
Lunch time.

Oh and comments?  Is there a glitch on Blogger, or am I just friggin boring you?   

ABOVE:  While not finished yet, this is my favourite butterfly so far!  
Working on block number 7.
Two to go before I can start stitching.

Right, block number 7 is almost done.
Dinner tonight is Lamb and Garlic sausages, Kumera Rissoles, Kumera Poppas, Lettuce salad and hot buns.  Well, that's what Stew is having.  I had mine at lunchtime.
The sausages are super strong flavoured, so I only ate half of one.  

I will show you our new Britto figurine tomorrow.  I waited to open it till Stew got home.
It's gorgeous!

ABOVE:  resident tart.... there's not been many left overs for her lately.  Which means I'm cooking just the right amount for Stew and I now!  It's taken quite a bit of time getting that sorted I can tell you!

Anyway... it's time to wind down for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I haven't seen the Ariel Britto, I'm getting Tinkerbelle next.

  2. I am here! Let's see that figurine!

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I love the layout of your home. It is so bright, airy, and comfy looking.

    I have no problem posting, but the layout is different, and I like it.

    Ky Girl

  4. Only one comment that does seem odd! I gave up on house plants but I do have a couple succulents at work. I need to refresh them since they barely got watered for 2 years and some died lol

  5. I have just got a chance to sit down and check your blog for the second time. I don’t have time to comment before work at 6 am. I’m a bit envious of the sun the dogs are enjoying as we are expecting a high of 14 today and 13 tomorrow

  6. That green leafy plant is the only thing I can keep alive too! Funny, mine do better in a bottle of water than they do in soil!

  7. Yeah you're as boring as bat shit 🀣 jokes. Still WFH but back to the office next week don't want to because apparently my two colleagues are not talking to one another FFS they need to grow up πŸ’™πŸ’™

  8. There is a cafe that has that plant all over the roof, walls etc. They keep striking cuttings and away they go. I have bought one and am keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. Other bloggers have said their comments are going into their Spam.

  10. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Maybe you've overrated your suc ulents. They only need water once a week in summer and minimal in the off season. Some growers don't watΓ©r them at all in winter. I will every 3 weeks and watch them. They don't like wet feet. Kj

  11. Haha awesome tart more like lol
    #TheAwesomnessInTheStudio πŸ’™πŸ₯°

  12. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Quiet in commenting at the moment but im coming home next month for a few weeks if you want to have a diet coke at the base with me.... Bee - Gold Coast :)

  13. Kiwionholidays7:57 PM

    Not it’s not boring I have had trouble getting in for a couple of weeks to comment but still read daily and enjoy your updates
    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  14. Can’t wait to see the new Britto 😁


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