Sunday, May 15, 2022



Do you just do it on ya phone?

I don't.

I do it like this... 

ABOVE: I use letters that I made with plastic sheeting.  I can move them around and work out all the possibilities.  

I can do it all on my phone, but I find this easier.

I tried writing it down on paper, but that wasn't anywhere near as good as my plastic letters.

I also don't do it first thing in the morning... I put it off for a while.  Savouring the anticipation of doing it.  It's such a shame you only get one a day.

And the New York Times took down the Archival sites too, so I can't even do the 'older' ones now.


So today?  Got some housework to do, mostly washing.  It will have to go on racks in the sunroom as it's supposed to piss down today.

Which is great, it means I don't have to water anything.

Will my succulents be OK in pouring rain?  I hope so.

Please don't forget to send me a Facebook Friend Request if you have not already done so.

Look for me:

It is going to be sooner rather than later that I go Private on here, and switch to Facebook for social media updates.  Diet Coke Rocks will be for my family only, once I go PRIVATE.

And that is it from me for now. 

I'll be back later.

9.30 am:  And we've had rain overnight.  I went and checked on me succulents...

ABOVE:  Because of the roof eaves, they didn't get wet at all.  I'm sure they will get wet when the rain is coming down sideways though.  All good.  They will be fine there.

It's rather cool this morning, but not freezing yet.
I'm tempted to have some nice hot porridge, not had any in a very long time. 

12.30 pm:  Well the porridge was OK, but not as nice as I remember.

ABOVE:  WHOOPS, I did it again!
And they are delicious.
Taking some over to Steve 'n' Bex's for afternoon tea.

ABOVE: Huge feijoas from Steve 'n' Bex's tree! Yummo.

Home again... and it's starting to really cool down.  OMG bring on Wednesday!

The girls had a wonderful visit with STEVE.  Never mind anyone else.  He's their favourite person to play with.  Marley 'fetched' a ball so many times she was exhausted by the time we got her home.

We are having sausages and a lettuce salad for dinner tonight.  Stew's cooking.

Winding down for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I am going to miss this place. Sigh.
    What about double letters? Do you have duplicates? I just do Wordle on my phone. I usually get it in 4. But, I am proud to say I have missed it several times entirely. I don't give it much thought. I spend a few minutes max on it. Also, I usually do it at midnight.

  2. I do Wordle on my phone. Sometimes it takes me all day if I get stuck I leave it & come back to it.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Your plants will be fine as long as there is a drainage hole in the pot. Now that the weather is turning you won't need to water them very often. Succulents are fine being neglected during the cooler months. If you know their names have a look on the net to see what they need. A lot put up flowers in summer, there is always something. I have close to 200. I love them. Kj

  4. Or you can use 'wordle tip finder'. It basically does what you do but online. Google it :)

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    It is definitely going to take some getting use to not checking your blog several times a day. Going to miss reading it. I’m grateful for being Facebook friends but it won’t be the same. Maybe I need to get a life, lol.

  6. Great idea for working out wordle, I often forget to do it! Do you do global too the one where you have to work out the name of the country? That takes me ages! Succulents usually thrive on neglect, usually. I will miss your blog posts too Chris but will check in on fb.

    1. No I don't do the Country one, Steve does though. It's way, way harder than Wordel!

    2. Yes it is, but you keep an atlas next to you and you get lots of tries!!

  7. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I've been playing Quardle. it’s the same as Wordle but you play 4 games at once, and you have 9 moves to solve them. It’s once a day, but there are practice ones so you can do as many as you like. Challenging, but doable! .
    That iced bun looks sensational. Have you shared the recipe for that?? 😊😊

    1. Wonder why I came up as annoymous? 😁

    2. Blogger glitches, they have been driving me nuts for weeks!

  8. Mmmm. Porridge. Must get some oats. I love wordle. In some ways I am glad there is only one a day or that would be my day gone.

  9. I do Quordle every day... love it! you said "bring on Wednesday"... what's happening then or did I miss something?

    1. Our new heat pump arrives on Wednesday.

    2. Ahhhhh... Yes, makes sense now :)

  10. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I am still trying to work out how to get Wordle on my phone. By the time I do it won’t be “a thing”

    1. You Google Wordle and it comes up. No special app or anything.

  11. My daughter (in Arizona) was complaining that her supermarket had NZ feijoas for sale - at $US2.00 each!! She still bought two, one each for her hubby and herself :)

  12. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Hi Chris, not sure how long I have been reading your blog for but it’s a very long time. Brylee and Griffin were so little. Hats off to you and congratulations to you for creating and maintaining such a wonderful blog. You have opened up your life to your many readers. You have entertained, counselled and given your honest self to so many situations and life issues. You created a friendly drop in chat room I dare say you would be one of a very few bloggers who updated regularly daily, multiple times. I can honestly say I looked many times a day to see what you were up to. What does this say about me? I’m a sticky beak or I was genuinely interested in what your day brought. I’ll miss your blog. Will you miss blogging or has it just become a big pain and something you thought you had to do rather than enjoying it? That’s not really important Chris, what is important that you are doing what is right for you and thank you for letting your readers know in advance. I wish you absolute happiness in your life with Stew and your loving family. Please look after yourself. Thank you Rhonda 💕

    1. Thank You for your lovely words Rhonda. I take it you don't 'do' Facebook? Sad cos you could still follow me there.

    2. Anonymous10:25 PM

      I’m on FB Chris and thank you for accepting my friend request 😊

    3. LOL... lost track of who I've added to my Facebook Friends list! Almost 100 in the past 3 days I think.


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