Friday, May 06, 2022


 Well.... Stew's off to work very early today.

He's got next week off work, so he needs to try and get as much done today as possible.

It's so frustrating.  He's got so many holiday days stacked up, his company has insisted he take most of those days off before the middle of the year.

So, he's been taking off a week every month.  The dumb thing is, he accrues 2 days a month in holidays!  So for every week he takes off, he gets two days back.  Derr.

And then there's his Long Service Leave.  He's got something like 25 days for that too!

ONE day we will go away for a month, and use up heaps of his leave.

But not right now.  Right now we are not prepared to go anywhere like overseas, thanks to Covid and the uncertainty of travel.

And then there's the friggin Russia/Ukraine situation.  Who knows where that could lead. 

I was reading an article in STUFF the other day and they actually put it in writing, that the situation could lead to WW3!  I was like, SHIT!

Surely not?  But who bloody knows.

It's a crazy world out there, and there's some damn crazy, nut case people like Putin pulling strings that could affect the entire world.

Scary shit.

But, I try not to let stuff like that stress me out.  There's nothing I can do about it.

I just concentrate on my family.  This afternoon Keera arrives for the weekend.  That will be lovely.

Until then, I am going to be doing some long overdue housework.  Mostly vacuuming, washing window sills and so on.  Dead boring.  But necessary.

I'm taking a breather from the quilt for the next couple of days. 

We shall just spend time with the kids and relax over the weekend.

I've been MIA.  

Working on re-arranging things in the garage.
I ended up with a surplus shelving unit, so after some more shuffling around, I managed to find a home for it.

ABOVE:  Now Keera's stuff has a new place to sit.

I'm now knackered.  Time for lunch and feet up for a while I think.

I ordered some fabric panels from Gordonton, and they are ready for pick up.  So that's where I will be going after lunch. 

2.20 pm:  Well the girls and I went out to Gordonton for the fabric.  I'm thrilled with it.
Another project for another day.
I'll show you the panel tomorrow.

Right now... I've got a damn headache and just want to lie down for a little while.

ABOVE:  And just like that.... no peace for the wicked.  These two are so LOUD.  

Dinner tonight will be Pork Bites baked in the oven, potatoes and a lettuce salad.
Stew will probably have his dinner then go to bed early.  He's been up since crazy o'clock this morning.

I'm damn tired too cos I didn't get back to sleep for ages after he left.

ANOTHER quiet day in blogland!  Or glitches?  I don't like it when no one comments all day!  Makes me feel like I might as well make this private and keep to myself.  It's gunna happen sometime though, for sure.  I can't be doing this for another 16 years!
I am often thinking, when would be the right time to wind this up?

Seems there might be a problem with blogger?  Either way, if you are having trouble leaving a comment, email me ( to let me know.  At least then I will know you are still around!

And now... that's me day done for the day.


  1. Guy's truck is getting some repairs done today so he's got the day off. No plans really my sister wants to catch up today but can't be bothered she's too stuck up 🤣 totally different to me!! Chilly start but it will turn into a beautiful day. We've got 3 Kereru in our palm tree eating the berries they're so cool to watch 💙💙

  2. Is it possible for Stew to cash up some of the leave? I know that's possible as long as you keep the amount required by law. It must be stressful for him to take leave but then find work is super busy when he returns because he's been off. It would be great if you two could get away more often... have you thought of joining Top 10 camps? They have brilliant motels all across the country and you then get 10% or often more off - you also get a discount of the South Island Ferry. Our last little break to Cambridge was 30% off.

  3. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I read every day but often have trouble with my comments going through.

  4. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I also read every day. Love your blog.

  5. I have been waking at 4 am lately, sometimes I can get back to sleep but sometime I don’t. Thankfully this morning I was able to sleep until 5 when the alarm goes off. By alarm I mean hubby learn the new tv can be set to turn on at a certain time. It’s a much better way to wake than the alarm blasting

  6. Kiwionholidays7:18 PM

    Had a good old read earlier today but got distracted and didn’t get back till now
    I enjoy the newsy blog so hopefully you will keep it up,
    Like anonymous It’s changed in the last 3 weeks for me, and often difficult to get in, but get there eventually,

    I can’t believe how Tall Keera is now and lovely to see her n Lacy doing catch-ups there today
    Hope all the Lil boys n all can get to that fab park near you with Keera over the weekend to make some more fun pics n memories

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Anonymous7:23 PM

    The right time to give up your blog is NEVER too many people would miss you.

  8. Lovely pic of Lacy & Keera 😁

  9. No no, you can NEVER stop blogging. That would be sad. Of course you can keep going for 16 more years!
    We would miss you!


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