Monday, May 30, 2022


 Something fairly 'new' for markets now is that you have to have your business name clearly displayed.

I've always just called my stall Chris's Creations.

But I've gone off it.  To blah.

So... I came up with a new name, and last night I spent some time designing my new sign, to have on display at my stall.

ABOVE:  It's the 'rough' version.  The actual version will have letters in bright, colourful fabrics, edged in black.

FYI:  The logo on the bottom left stands for C (Chris),  J (Joy),  H (Harvey), intertwined.  It was what I put on all my pottery, my 'mark'.  Every potter should have a mark, so people know who made it.  I do not put my 'mark' on any of my patchwork ... funny enough.

I'm going to make a start on the runner today.

And that's me for now.

ABOVE:  Slowly making progress.

Once I'm happy with the positioning, I will iron it down.  Then make the little Wonky House to go on the right side.

But right now, it's like 12.43 pm,  and I'm starving!  Time to stop for lunch.

8 pm ish.   I sewed all afternoon.  Stopped to prepare dinner.

Roast pork, gravy, smashed baked potatoes and veges.

Griffin turned up, so he got mine.  I had an apple pie.  I think I  got the better deal!  lol

Stew has gone with Griffin to jump start a truck he's been given by a mate.  Griffin is gunna do it up and use it as a weekend hack.

I'm done for the day, so tired.

Did not get much sleep last night because the smoke alarm in the gym room went off around midnight.  

We couldn't work out why either, all the smoke alarms have new batteries.

Anyway, I didn't get to sleep until well after 2 am.

Hope I get some decent sleep tonight.

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