Tuesday, May 31, 2022


 Today I am expecting a visit from a blog reader named Bee.

She lives in Australia, but came home yesterday to visit family.  She's a kiwi.

She is coming here for morning tea.

Bex is coming over too, as it's easier to have conversations with 3 instead of just two.

Plus I always feel awkward meeting readers who know so much about me, yet I know virtually nothing about them!

Once she has been and gone, I will get back to my sewing.  There's still quite a bit to do on my Market Sign Runner.

Crazy!  I stressed out about meeting Bee!  What would we talk about?  She was literally a complete stranger to me.
But... we got on famously!
Lacy and Bex were here too, so conversation just FLOWED.  We yakked for two solid hours.
It was wonderful.

She's my sorta person.  Down to earth and friendly, and doesn't mind the word 'fuck'!

They have all left now, and it's only me and the dogs.  I will have some lunch, then go work on that market runner.

My afternoon was spent sewing.  Then I prepared dinner for Stew and myself.
Meatballs in sauce with noodles.  His were Tai meatballs and mine were Italian. So, two separate dishes.

Watching Coronation Street before bed now.

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