Tuesday, May 24, 2022


 I was on Facebook late last night when a new friend request came in.

I went and checked out her profile page.

It was a brand new account, with only a profile picture and cover photo.

The profile picture was of a Swedish woman politician sitting at some meeting with her name in front of her (A. Kokalari) I googled her name).  

Clearly NOT the name of the person sending me a friend request (Jerry Zii).

AND there was nothing else on the account at all, and it had only been created 13 minutes ago.

I deleted the request, and blocked 'Jerry Zii' too.

Moving on... it should be a nice day.

On my walk yesterday we passed a box full of Dahlia tubers... with a sign saying 'Help Yourself'.  So Robyn and I did.

Today I will plant them in our front garden... and hope they come up next spring.

Then I'm gunna do some sewing I think.  Well... after I fold the washing and put it away *sigh*.

I went out this morning and bought a white t-shirt (dressy) and a new bra for wearing to the funeral tomorrow.  I've got some nice dress pants and plain black 'jacket' to wear with it.

Well, it was a fairly quiet afternoon.  I got Stew's dinner sorted, supper for the Card group sorted, face on etc.
Thought there was only going to be 2 of us for cards, so I invited Bex to join us.
Then 4 girls arrived from Cambridge, so we ended up a group of 6, which was lovely.
And bloody Bex won!
Tinny tart.

ABOVE:  The tart won a cute little shell ladybird donated by Sue T's husband too!
Pffffff, I really wanted that.

Everyone has gone home now and it's wind down time till bed.


  1. Such fun knowing how frustrated she is getting 😂

  2. Haha thanks for the invite it was a lovely evening. 💙


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