Monday, May 09, 2022


 Well... Stew is home this week.

Today we will be quite busy with a few jobs around here and elsewhere.

ABOVE: Stew wore this gorgeous shirt yesterday, I think he suits pink!

He was is shorts and that T-Shirt, and I was in full winter clothes, with a blankie over me and heated wheat packs as well!

Crazy cos by mid afternoon I was cooking!   

I flung the windows open and took all the warm stuff off.  

It will probably be the same today. 

ABOVE:  Liam's haircut.  I couldn't believe that kids are still getting stripes!   I used to do that to my boys when they were young too!

Seems styles don't change much, even in 30+ years.  Nowdays ANYTHING goes!

ABOVE:  I tried to get a nice photo of these three yesterday.  Pffffft.  Impossible.

Right, I better get a move on.  Got heaps to do today.

1.03 pm:  And crazy busy stuff is over.
Met this beautiful dog today:

ABOVE:  I'm usually really scared of dogs I don't know... and particularly LARGE ones.
But Matts is just gorgeous.  And friendly.  As long as you let him get to know you.  He gave me lots of kisses, he's so sweet.
Lacy is going to be walking him for his owners 2-3 times a week.

Stew has gone out for about an hour or so, then we are going to sit down and just relax for a little while.  (OMG really?  Relax???) 😂😆😅😖

ABOVE:  Just one of the many jobs we did this morning.  Cutting back that work table.  It was a constant annoyance jutting out into the doorway like it was.  Sorted now.  And it only took a few minutes.  Gosh ya gotta love jigsaws!

Well... Steve, Bex and the boys have spent the past 4 days down in Invercargill.  It was a special weekend, celebrating Bex's Grandmother's 90th Birthday.
By all accounts they had a fantastic time.
It was the first time on a plane for the boys and Archer loved it all, Dante wasn't too keen on take offs and landings.  Like me.

They spent the entire time with Bex's family and had so much fun by the sound of it.
I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for us, they would move down there in a heartbeat.

But we are here, so they are too.  Nice to know we come high on the priority list.  😊

Stew is cooking tonight.  We are having pork over rice.  Should be nice.  Stew's a dab hand at cooking.

6.14 pm and it's pissing down!  First honest rain in forever!  
It sounds so neat.  
Dinner is cooking.  Stew is working with a recipe.... it looks painful. Peppered Pork... without the pepper cos I hate anything hot, even pepper.

Well Stew did well with dinner.  It was really lovely.  
And now... time to wind down before bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Stew looks great in that shade of pink. Love the look on Keera's face on the first pic with her sister. Hope your day is a good one!

  2. I think that pic of Keera is funny, too!

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    He does suit pink, bright pink even better. Shows off his vitality and friendliness. Is Andrew Amanda's partner?

    1. Andrew is Amanda's ex-husband.

  4. Last day I think of WFH have to get rid of this tummy bug first 🤮🤮 fashion has a way of coming back around 💙💙

  5. That is a mighty fine looking dog.

  6. Kiwionholidays9:46 PM

    What fabulous autumn pics yesterday n lovely catchup today
    Love your energy n great pics you share
    Keera did fabulous with the shopping
    Loved her puffer coat bet it’s snuggly warm

    Take care
    Cheers 🥂


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