Monday, May 02, 2022


 This morning I am going to Cambridge to join up with me FBG friends for a walk.

My knee hasn't been so bad these past few days, so here's hoping a nice little walk is fine.

I've not seen my FBG friends for a few weeks!  Sad really, but it was my choice to move to Hamilton, so I really shouldn't complain about not seeing them so much.

We all make decisions that have pro's and con's, leaving Cambridge was an easy one though. We had far more positive reasons to move than to stay there.

It's not that far to go back, and once the Hamilton Bypass section of the  Expressway is finished, it will be easier and faster for sure!  With any luck that extension will be open in the next few months.  

The entire Hamilton Expressway has only been 40+ years in the planning, and about 13 years in construction so far!

KJ:  You asked yesterday if we bought a couch cover?

Yes we did, but totally didn't look at the photo on the wrapping... and it's NOT what we really wanted at all.

ABOVE:  We thought we'd bought one of those stretchy ones that covers the entire couch.  Oh well... this one will do for now, I will get another one off TradeMe.  Then that one can go on the couch in the studio.

Right, I better get moving... I'm really looking forward to meeting up with my FBG friends this morning.

12.35 pm:  Just home from my morning out and about.

First up, the walk was A KILLER!  It was so hot, you'd never think it was May already.
There was very little shade (virtually NONE)  on this walk, and it was 'undulating'... so a few small hills.  I nearly died.
Morning tea at the start was neat, got to chat to my friends.  

AND I was given a belated BINGO CHALLENGE gift from Robyn:

ABOVE: That girl knows me so well!  Such a thoughtful gift of goodies.  Thank You Robyn, you ROCK.

ABOVE:  The walk was through farmland, so we got to see beautiful cows, feasting on silage.  The smell was divine.  Reminds me of visiting my Nana on her dairy farm as a child.

ABOVE:  We were a lovely big group this morning.  My friend Robyn is that tiny thing, slap bang in the middle.

ABOVE:  I was seriously red in the face after I got back to my car!  I'm not doing a mid morning walk again if the sun is out!

ABOVE:  I had to full my car with petrol.  I was starting to think it was never going to end.... the price is astronomical, even with the short term Government subsidy.  

Right, I've got some kumera poppas in the oven for my lunch. Then I'm going to work on quilt blocks.

6.30 pm:  Think I got heat stroke!  I have been sick all afternoon.  Terrible headache.  Lay on the couch feeling bloody sorry for myself.

Did a tiny bit of work on a block late this afternoon.
Am now cooking Stew some dinner.  He's having roast pork, Kumera fritters, smashed roast potatoes, and chuck wagon corn mix.
I'm probably not going to have anything.

My head is still pounding.

Yeah, it's gunna be an early night for me.  Still feel yuk.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Have an awesome morning catching up and chatting with the girls.

  2. good on you for getting in a bit of exercise --- every little bit helps xxxxx

  3. That couch cover looks like ones we got specifically for the couch the dogs sit on. Enjoy your walk.

  4. Do you use 98 petrol in your car? Or was that just a label on the pump? That petrol is so expensive, mine uses 95.

    1. Label in pump. I use 91.

    2. So you use the app Gaspy? It shows you where to get the cheapest fuel - brilliant app!

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Unrelated to your posts, but sort of on the same page......question about why some things are so expensive in NZ. You said a few weeks back that tasty cheese is $18 a kilo. Why is that. I can buy a kilo for around $10 in Melbourne

    1. Greedy bastards? Production costs. Transportation costs. Labour costs. Greedy bastards costs. Google it.

  6. $3 a litre? Far out. I thought $1.99 was bad.

    1. I can't figure out how your petrol was $3.02 Chris unless you put 98 in? Gaspy shows an average price of around $2.65 per litre in your area for 91.

    2. I think I paid around $2.65 a litre. The price on the pump is the 'before' the Government discount I think.

  7. I had a horrible headache yesterday after my show. I just had to take some ibuprofen and go to bed. I paid $5.15 a gallon at the cheapest gas station by my work today. Gas is crazy high here too.


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