Saturday, May 21, 2022


 Well .... here we are!

Just family and a very small select few friends.

I hope to blog kinda like I used to, but with no pressure to have a post up first thing in the morning.

No pressure to do anything, plan anything just to have something to blog about!

I will go with the flow.

More than likely, I will blog later on in the day, or even in the evening from today on.

Like after my day is done and I can reflect on the what happened, if anything!

It has been a bit of a nightmare trying to come up with blog content for first thing, EVERY SINGLE MORNING for 16 years!

I won't miss that.

I will miss all the page views and comments, but I think Facebook will fill the void.  lol

I can still share most of my shit on there... but again, it will be more in retrospect than before the fact, or during the fact.

Photo bombs comes to mind.  Doing big photo posts with small explanations.

No more multiple updates a day.

Just one or two on here and there.

If I find it a pain in the arse doubling up on here AND Facebook, I will possibly stop this blog altogether.

Time will tell.


Today we have Keera.  We are going to take her to 'JUMP' this afternoon, and will be joined by Steve, Bex and the boys.

Lacy doesn't want to come, so she can see/spend time with Keera tomorrow.

That's it for now.

I will do a run down of today... tonight.

I just did a post on Facebook.

And I'm thinking... why am I going to double up and put it all on here as well?
You all can see my Facebook posts.

So, should I just retire DCR's altogether?
I still have PEPSI for the rants and bitch 'n' moans.

What else do I need?

Maybe NOT this one.

Oh and I'm feeling MUCH better today about this blog leaving the public realm.

Well it's been a really busy and NOISY day.
After having lunch here with Steve, Bex and the boys ( and Keera), we took the kids to JUMP.
Steve and Bex went home to relax for a little while.  Steve has put his back out and is in a lot of pain.

JUMP was OK.... just sat and watched the kids for an hour then home again.

We tried a new Pizza place for dinner, their pizzas were very nice.  Pizza Club.

Now they have gone home and it's just Stew, Keera and I.

OMG those three kids are so damn noisy.. it's exhausting having them here.

Hopefully Lacy takes Keera out for a while tomorrow to give us a break.

Signing off for the day now.  


  1. So sorry your friend died.
    Big hugs. I hope her daughter is protected. Still love being able to pop here 🥰😘

  2. Lol. Finally found the way to be able to comment. Thank heaps Chris


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