Friday, May 27, 2022


 Right.  Both dogs stink to high heaven, so today I'm making it my mission to give them a bath (read shower), then I'm going to trim up around their faces myself.

Marley's face groom yesterday was piss poor.  So, let's see if I can make her and Coco look a bit better.

I will take 'before' and 'after' photos once I'm up and moving.

Right now, I'm still in bed.

ABOVE:  I went to Briscoes this morning and bought this shaver.  Now I can try and do the dogs faces myself.

ABOVE:  The line up of products I used to bath the girls with today.

ABOVE:  Would you call this a 'bad hair day?'.  lol

ABOVE:  Shitty McShitty Miss Coco.

ABOVE:  In two months (or thereabouts) we will be able to shoot down Resolution Drive and onto the Hamilton Expressway!  
Can't wait.  Though if I'm going to Cambridge I will be doing down Wairere Drive to the Chartwell interchange, it's more direct.

ABOVE: This is at the top end of Resolution Drive, it doesn't look ready yet, but by the end of July it's supposed to be.

I bathed the dogs at Bex's.  I did Marely, Bex did Coco.  Now I'm home, had some lunch and am just chilling out till Bex and the Boys visit after school.
Archer wants to come and visit the dogs.  💜

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