Friday, May 20, 2022


So.  We are here.

My last public post.  It's a bitter sweet day.  I hate change.  But this was necessary for so many reasons.  I do feel sad.  Sad that I had to do this.  And it's going to take some getting used to!  

No more taking photos for the blog!  No more documenting every little thing.  Facebook is going to be a much more condensed version of our lives here in the 'Harvey house'.

I'm going to put a few memes up that I really like for various reasons first.

ABOVE:  It's a wonder my dressing room floor is not littered with clothes!  lol

ABOVE:  Yeah, I really love this one.

ABOVE:  If I had a favourite saying, it would be:  "What goes around comes around".  I firmly believe in that.  

ABOVE:  I have literally DONE this.
It felt good, cos I won.

ABOVE: And yep, that's what today is all about.

ABOVE:  I consider this a 'good deed' and I've done it many, many times.  You get as much pleasure from doing it,  as the person feels receiving it.

ABOVE:  Don't be afraid to cut people out of your life if it is going to make your life BETTER.
No one deserves to make your life miserable. NO ONE.  No matter who they are.
You don't have to tolerate disrespect, disloyalty or hate.  Walk away.
You are worth more than that.

ABOVE:  What can I say?  Someone has to say it!

So... lots of them eh?  I have literally been saving them up for just the right day.
Seems that is today.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for following my blog.  I have appreciated all my lovely readers.  The thousands of lovely comments over the past 16 years.  The friends I have made.  The pleasure of sharing our lives with you.  The highs and lows.  

Moving forward to a new way of 'blogging'... on Facebook.  Shorter posts.  Less Stress.  Freedom from trolls and haters.  
But still ME.

CRANKY:  The highs?  The friends I've made. 

ABOVE:  Way back in 2007, meeting up with bloggers in Australia.  Certainly one of the highlights of being a blogger!  

 The lows?  Haters and Trolls.  
Simple really.

ABOVE:  I got those lovely curtains hung in the wet room late yesterday.  Now I don't feel quite so 'exposed' in there.  Even though it has frosted glass, I just didn't like the thought that the neighbours might be able to see my 'outline' if the light was on.  NOT a good look! 😆😖😋

Righty ho.... I will be back later on today, after doing the usual stuff around the house.

10.36 am:  And I'm keeping myself busy.
It's a funny sorta day for me.
On one hand, I'm relieved I've made a hard decision, but the right one.

But on the other hand, I'm so sad.  I am crying as I type this.  I feel like I've been forced to do this by some evil, horrible, horrible people.  

But they have not won, cos after today they will NEVER get to snoop on me again.  And that's so important to me.

Certain people were let into my life via my blog that I would NEVER have wanted knowing about it, let alone reading about me and my life.  K you are to blame for that.  You have a lot to answer for. I don't know how you look in the mirror and like what you see.  KARMA is gunna get you one day.

Back to my day.... I've been sewing.  Cos when I put up the new curtains in the wet room and  family toilet, the doilies no longer matched! 
So out they came, and in went these:

ABOVE:  Now they are done and it's on to the next thing for today.  

ABOVE:  Some interesting stats from my blog.
ALMOST 7 million page views. 5,704 posts... shit that's a lot of dribble.  Almost 85,000 comments!
Followers... well that's inaccurate as fcuk!  Not everyone follows, they just READ. 😂😆😅
I'm proud of my blog.  I wish I didn't have to go PRIVATE... but it's for the best.
I really hope you keep in touch via Facebook.

Tears are falling.... but I will get over it and be a happier person.  Tomorrow might be hard though.

ABOVE:  Bex visited ... and brought me some lunch too.  She knew.
She stayed for 2.5 hours and we yakked.  And by the time she left I was OK again. 
Had a bit of a wobble this morning, but weighing up the pro's and con's of this decision... I know I'm doing the right thing for me.

I'm gunna be just fine over on Facebook.  So, so many of my friends are there already, and in the past week well over a hundred more have joined me there too.

ABOVE:  And there ya go.  Now our ensuite has a cute curtain too. 

Stewie: dinner this evening will be sausages and home made wedges, sour cream and tomato sauce.  OK.  😋

Right, I'm going to leave it here.
Catch you on the flip side... Facebook.

Lights out at 11.29 pm tonight.  


  1. My days will not be the same without you 💕

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Congratulations and THANK YOU for 16 years of blogging, not many people could say that they have done that. This blog will be missed but see ya on Facebook. Enjoy your day, stay happy, stay healthy, keep up the Diet Coke and keep being you! You Rock!

  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    My mornings won't be the same but I'll cope. Lylz kj

  4. I have no idea what I am going to do 1st thing every morning and numerous times throughout the day now. Perhaps I will get some more work done hehe. Looking forward to seeing your Facebook posts.

  5. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The right decision for you and your family is exactly that: the right decision. Xoxoxo Monika

  6. Lots of good quotes there! I'll have a look from time to time on Facebook... I might even post a few times on my own page once we get out motorhome! Enjoy your 'freedom' from this page.

  7. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Thanks Chris for all of the fun and informative posts, I have really enjoyed your blog and seeing what you get up too. You are so talented and have a good eye for color. I am glad you are in your forever home, I just love it, the layout is so awesome and I can see how settled in your and Stew are. May you have many more happy years there.

    I wish you and yours well and see you on FB!

    Ky Girl

  8. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Christine in Kansas

  9. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I will miss checking in, I have loved following your blog you have made many a day brighter, I wish you and yours all the very best ❤️

  10. You will be missed Chris but some things you have to do. You probably should have done it some time ago but hindsight is wonderful. Enjoy your blogging freedom

  11. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Thank you for the best blog! I’ve read since the start when I lived in NZ. I’m back in the UK now but have loved seeing kiwi life and reading about your daily lives. Look forward to catching up on Facebook and although I’ll miss the daily blog I am sure this is the right decision for you. Lucy in UK xxx

  12. Well, not sure what I am supposed to read at work when I'm bored now, but it's been lovely peeking into your life for so many years. I will catch you over on FB. Thanks for entertaining us for so long. Always here if you need me xxx

  13. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Aww Chris. I'm sorry you are so sad. I think you are the longest standing blog I know of & that have followed! It was lovely to meet you IRL back in 2007. Thank you for your humour & craft over the years via DCR!!! As per your meme above, not everyone you lose is a loss. I know you feel pressured to end your blog, but it is YOUR decision about how YOU wind up your blog & NO-ONE can take that away from YOU. You have forged a way forward (FB) & you are in the drivers seat (Vrrrrm Vrrrm)!!! Take the time to grieve the ending of something you love but please let the way forward fill you with excitement & joy! Oh & Meme again - 8 things to remember - try not to overthink!!!! xoxo

  14. Anonymous11:20 AM

    You are amazing,sometimes we need to move on to what is going to make us more content and happy .and there are times decisions are hard to make but your decision is yours and I’m sure all your readers respect that, thank you for all your blogging and see you on your FB
    Robyn from Australia xx

  15. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Chris you will be missed. Love hearing about your family and the love that's there. All the best for your future on Facebook. Margaret From Gold Coast

  16. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Hey lovely, thanks for sharing, going to miss your daily update :) keep smiling and see you oneday in the future, sooner rather than later xx

  17. Rest up mate lucky I can contact you anytime I want 🥰😘 will miss my morning ritual of reading about your day. I guess our msg group gonna be more active eh 🫂🫂🫂🥰😘

  18. I will miss your blog. But you can always come back again if you wish. I hope you do. I think one of the first blog posts I ever read included a pic of a young B and G with Teddy. I think the kids were like 8 and 9. Long time ago! Hugs!!

  19. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I don't comment much but have been following you from the very start, I still remember meeting you for the first time at Weight Watchers in Palmy after I'd had Jorja, and you talked about starting a blog! I'll miss your daily updates, but completely understand your decision, and will see you on FB. Janene from Palmy xx (I can't remember my Google password so I'm anonymous today lol)

  20. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I am going to miss popping in to "Keeping up with the Harveys" but you generously added me in Facebook, so you don't get away completely. It is sad that it has come to this, but I understand, and hope that you feel safer controlling who gets to read your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us all for so long. We have literally seen those bonus kids and the grandkids grow up. I can see why you are proud of them all. Cheers, and catch you in Facey world.

    Mary in Tassie

  21. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I find Facebook quite boring some days and for many years I would read your blog during my lunch break and again at night..
    I'll miss you Chris, it won't be the same but wish you well

  22. Anonymous12:26 PM

    hi Chris thanks for sharing your awesome blog for all these years - thanks for all the laughs, creativity, ideas and sweet family times - your blog has been a go-to, pick-me-up for many years, so thank you 😊 Sending my warmest wishes to you and yours for a wonderful future xx Deb Brisbane

  23. I am really going to miss Reading your blog. I am thinking of you and how sad you will be feeling.

  24. I think quite a few tears will be shed all over the world today as we read this final entry and say goodbye. Thanks, Chris for years and years of enjoyment. See you on FB.

  25. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Such a shame you’ve had to do this and stop blogging. I check you out daily. We can definitely message in the future. Shame you can’t block people from reading your blog

  26. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Last comment was Anne - Palmy

  27. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Will definitely miss the blog but I've just sent you a friend request so will hopefully catch you on the flip side. :)

  28. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Those memes are right on point! I’ve loved following along on your adventures, and thanks for accepting me on Facebook. Those real life’ meetups look so much fun: come over to glorious Canada and we’ll do it here!

  29. Amazing comments:) I will so miss your fabulous blog Chris and thank you for sharing♥ Onwards and upwards Chris, you need to do what is best for you. Wishing you and your wonderful family all the very best for the future, take good care Linda, Gold Coast, Australia.

  30. How come bex gets to hold marley while she is sitting on the couch, but when I do it I get in trouble? Bloody favouritism lol.

    Thank you to all the supporters of my mum and her blog over the years. I know she will enjoy being able to interact with you over facebook. For those readers who aren't on facebook, I know you will miss mum and the blog, but if it makes you feel any better I know she will miss you too.

    To all the haters, Ha fucken Ha losers! Now you don't have a choice but to keep your nastiness to yourself, and please be assured that you will most certainly not be missed.

    As this blog is going private for family etc, I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has shown me and my little family support over the years too. Every message of support has been much appreciated, and I wish all of you the very best.

    Kind regards (to most of you),


    1. Steve hope we still get to see you and your family on ya mum Facebook page. Will miss your antics

    2. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Steve, Bex and the boys you are such an awesome little family and so kind and loving to Stew and Chris. I've enjoyed seeing you all over the years. Look forward to seeing you in the flesh one day when I can visit Hamilton. Kj

    3. Love you Steve, so very much.

  31. Girl! You are going to make ME cry.
    Change is hard. And making the decision to change is even harder. You have made your decision, and you will get used to it very soon. You have already done the hard part. Do not doubt yourself. You simply can not have the bad folks spying and being creepy. You already know that. I suspect his blog is going to be a hard habit to break simply because you have been doing it so long.... But "get used to different" I guess. It will be fine. I will miss it, Ir is like habit for me to jump on a computer and D I E T....... just types itself!

  32. Holly Davis4:09 PM

    Chris, I’m sad for you (I know this is hard), but I’m glad you’re doing what is best for you and your family. Big hugs. I have always enjoyed your posts. I fell off from blogging years ago after having our second child and never got back to it. Enjoy this new freedom and post on Facebook when *you* want. Thanks for leaving comments on my page now and then. I do appreciate them. - Holly

  33. Anonymous4:19 PM

    We're all going to miss you Chris and reading about your days and the family, but totally understand why you are going private. Glad we can stay in touch on FB. Going to miss Steve and Bex and the boys too. Trish in Oz.

  34. Anonymous4:21 PM

    You will be missed I love coming and reading about the trips. And the sewing, puppies or even just that funny thing that happened that day. Please heal from the pain those people have given you. There day will come. Hold your head up high and smile for miles!
    Victoria Aussie

  35. Anonymous4:28 PM

    We certainly will miss you Chris and the blog. You have definitely been an inspiration to many of us. I’m so glad I have a friendship with you on facebook. Steve we will miss seeing your beautiful family! Thank you for sharing them with us through the blog. You are an amazing son and the support you show your parents is beautiful. Wishing you all the best wishes for your future and future health.

  36. Beck (Brisbane, Australia)4:38 PM

    Will definitely miss checking your blog being the very first thing I do every day, but totally understand your reasons. Thank you for sharing so much, the highs and the lows. Now I’m shedding a tear too!

  37. I will miss reading your blog every day, I'm looking forward to your Facebook posts!

  38. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Oh Chris, I go and catch Covid and miss all of this. I normally read every single day and have done for about ten years I reckon. I haven’t been able to comment lately as my phone just doesn’t let them go through. Trying now and hope it goes through. I’m so glad I got to read all the last weeks posts before you were gone. Look forward to following along on FB and that will make it easier for me to interact. Honestly your blog has given me so much joy, have loved following yours and your families adventures. Feel like I am friends with Lacy, Amanda and Bex and they don’t even know it lol….. going to miss popping by but so happy the haters are going to miss out! Take care and I hope you are seeing how loved you are xx Nic (Running GIRL)

  39. See ya on facebook. It is the right decision, so sorry there were dickheads saying nasty crap to you. You are so lucky to have Bex. She is a great daughter in law, wife and Mum. She is the best addition to the Harvey family. Take care of yourself and Stew, see ya later. Thanks for the years of interesting blogging!

  40. Chris. I'll miss my early morning read.(even before I looked at the newspaper)lol Now FB will have to be my first start to my day. You know it is the right time for you to have your blog private. It will definitely be yours & Stew's private diary now.


    1. I might not do a post on FB every day chick! Might be once every 2-3 days. Sorry!

  41. Anonymous5:30 PM

    But how his Stu going to know what’s for dinner and all the jobs you have lined up for him 😂🤣😂
    See you on the other (FB) side!
    Michelle from Oz

  42. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Ahhhhh 2007 was a great year to meet people!! Loved that!! Hugs to you from Tassie. Nannette aka Wanna!

  43. Love you love the friendship we’ve made and will continue to have
    Kia kaha

  44. Wonderful wonderful quotes. They quite made my day. Though your retreat is very sad. I hope we meet again some sunny day 😊 either on Facebook or... on your holiday to Greece!! Who knows.
    Loved being with you and the family. See you Steve. Keep cooking up a storm! Love to you and Bex and the little-uns

  45. Hugz Chris. Hard as today, and probably tomorrow, has been, you have made the right decision. You no longer have to worry about the haters stalking and threatening. See you on Facebook.

  46. All the best Chris, right decision made, enjoy facebook. You have a wonderful DIL.

  47. Have loved your blog Chris, read it first thing everyday. You are right to do this, will make your life much easier. Thank you xxx

  48. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I feel a sense of loss knowing this blog is going private, you have been so generous sharing your life, all the family photos, and the photos of your travels. Your blog was so real and that’s what appeals to me, take care, will miss you. Maggie Magpie Melbourne Australia

  49. Aww Chris, I'm going to miss your daily muses so much but I'm LOVING seeing your name pop up on Facebook! Thank you for sharing your life with me!

  50. Thanks for dinner, see you guys tomorrow 😊

    1. Anonymous8:29 PM

      Going to miss you to Lacy! You’re also an amazing help and support to your parents! I love your funny antics and seeing the beautiful Keera. Stay safe and keep enjoying life!

  51. Thanks for all the blog posts, hope you keep us up to date on Facebook but less pressure to put something up every day. Loved the quotes - I can relate to all of them (there are a couple of not very pleasant people in my immediate family that I only tolerate out of respect for my Dad but they've given me a lot of grief over the years). Look forward to your FB posts - it's blogging, just not as you know it! Have a great weekend.

  52. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Best of luck with everything. I hope the future brings you every happiness. I must go and find that self crusting salmon quiche recipe before it disappears!

  53. Thanks for starting my day for the last 12 - 13 years! Hope you get the peace of mind you deserve. See you on FB! X

  54. Anonymous9:45 PM

    sorry to see you go. I live in Scotland and have enjoyed reading about life in New Zealand, seeing all the lovely scenery, finding out about the different cost of food, furnishings and fabric. I will miss seeing the finish of that lovely quilt. dont do facebook.

  55. Kiwionholidays10:21 PM

    Was busy on a wet night ,,watching Rugby 🏉 Union and it dawned on me hey it’s the last night of DCR ⏰⛱😢and it’s 10 20 where you all are,

    and So As I am not a Facebooker have to say my second and last

    Haere Ra for the week

    Take care all of you and the others ones on here who read the blog

    Catchup somewhere ,sometime ,hopefully ❤️🥂⏰👍🍰

    Cheers for the fab pics n memories of home 🏉✈️🌸🌸🌸🌸

  56. Kiwionholidays10:53 PM

    Just read the comments through n saw Steve’s one
    Thanks for being part of the blog in the background with Bex n the Boys n all the rest of crew Harvey

    Stay safe
    Have enjoyed the ride with you all 👍

    Hope it won’t be long before we see the green green grass of home , now borders are opening up
    Stay close n safe all of you as we will over here 👍🏉✈️
    🥂 Cheers

  57. Anonymous11:05 PM

    So pleased I just caught you before the Big Switch. Have loved following your journey and am looking forward to seeing you on Facebook. Loads of love xxx

  58. Byeeeeee 💜💜💜💜

  59. Sitting here at 11.25pm and wondering if I might be your last comment on Diet Coke Rocks. I am genuinely going to miss my daily routine of checking in on here. I need to thank you for the huge contributions you have probably unknowingly made in my life. Your posts have motivated me, made me feel like I'm part of a bigger family, and taught me so much - including all the armchair tours of the North Island. I am going to miss you on here so much, but want to thank you so much for sharing so much with us. I really don't know if you realise how much of a hole you are leaving behind - but I do genuinely understand why you need to do this. See you over on Facebook - although I admit I don't always remember to check in on people there and miss a lot. Thanks again! Bye Diet-Coke-Rocks blog!


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