Sunday, April 30, 2017


One of the things I really miss is having a sleep in whenever I want.
Today it's my turn to get up and feed the small kid, while Stew gets his sleep in.

We take it in turns during the weekend to get up early.   That way we both get one day a week to sleep in!

Fingers crossed in another 9 months or so we can pass small kid on and go back to being parents of 2 lazy teenagers, who sleep in till after 11 on the weekends!  Teenagers who can feed themselves, dress themselves and amuse themselves too.

That will be BLISS.

I read a really good book over the past couple of days:

ABOVE:  I don't usually yak about or recommend books, but this was was quite a good read.  If you like a good mystery/who done it.

Today is going to be quiet... I will be working on the photo boards.  And that is it!
I want to get them DONE or as close to done as possible... they have been hanging over my head for long enough.

I'm pretty sure I have everything I need now to get on with them.

I went into a wool shop in Hamilton yesterday, JUST TO LOOK at chunky wool... and they had bugger all!  I was surprised and a bit disappointed.  But, I'm sure if I do decide to knit a throw I will be able to track down some wool.  And needles.  I reckon cricket stumps would almost do!!!  lol
Nah, maybe just a bit too big!

But, one thing is for sure, I won't be buying a kit or ready made throw from the company that was on Seven Sharp the other night! (

ABOVE:  Seriously...who in their right mind would pay almost a thousand dollars for a throw?  Never mind that it's pure wool and gorgeous!... a thousand bucks!  NOT ME.

So, that's me for now... I'm off to get busy.


Hi Shelley!  That's alright chick, I am sure I can get some here when/if I decide to go ahead and knit a throw.  Lovely offer ... love ya, can't wait to see ya in May!

ABOVE:  Very slowly getting there... a sea of photos.  Memories.  
Brylee is sticking down the hearts under the photos for me.  My back is KILLING ME!  Slight bend over the bench does it every time.

Five boards down, only ONE to go!  It has taken me ALL DAY, with a few stops every now and then.  So happy it will be done by the end of the day.

DONE!   It's 10.20 pm and I just finished the last board.  Thank God.  It's a huge weight off my mind.

Now I just have to do last minute things before the day.  Yaaaa.

I have ONE MORE photo to print off... of our newest family member... little JOY.  I finally have a photo.  Not sure I can share it here though.  I will wait to find out.

Off to bed very soon, I am KNACKERED!


  1. This is where I get my wool from. They do have a range for broomstick knitting.

    Chunky blankets like the ones you are looking at, take lots of that thick yarn, so can end up being really expensive.

  2. I reckon, when you are ready to do your throw and you need those big knitting needles there will be someone who is selling theirs on trade me after they finish making their throw. Otherwise a trip to mitre 10 and buy dowling, sand it to remove all rough splinters and varnish, but I know you would have thought of that, cos you're a pro at that crafty stuff!

  3. Hi Aunty, these are on ebay over here. Let me know if this is what you are looking for, and I can buy them and bring them over with me when I come over for grandmas 80th:

    Cheers Shelley

  4. I am always looking for new books. I am a member of So - I looked up that book and they HAVE it. Amazing. So many times they don't have anything I want. So, I will be getting the book soon. It will probably arrive while i am in costa rica for my second dental visit! Maybe I can forget about my psycho idiotic president for a couple of weeks while I am there. As long as he doesn't start any wars! I wonder if you could "knit" wide strips of fleece to make a blanket, before trying it with actual wool.

  5. Those blankets being pure merino will be mega expensive.... But they look so cool and funky. Well done on the photo boards you have ticked off a huge job.


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