Friday, April 07, 2017


FIRST:  We are totally OVER being rung at night by kids who are 'at war' with each other (or other people for that matter too)!

As a girlfriend said to me last night, they are adults and should sort their own shit out, instead of expecting us to come running.  We will NOT take sides, we will not intervene, YOU TWO get your own shit sorted.
Don't drag us into your war.  YES Lacy, I know you didn't ring us this time, but we still got dragged into it.  

And while I'm on the subject... don't speak to me with NO RESPECT, demanding I listen to you, not giving me the benefit of reply, and being downright rude.  I'm your MOTHER, not one of your lackeys.  (I'm NOT talking about LACY)

Taking a deep breath and moving on from that fiasco.

 ABOVE:  The dining table getting used again.  Keera has two plates... one for her vegetables, which she must eat FIRST, before she gets her meat.  She LOVES her meat, not so much the veges.  This works really well!  

 ABOVE:  I took that wooden shelf off the lounge wall... and now want it in that corner of the family room.  Someone can do it this weekend.  'hint hint' ...
Toying with the idea of getting covers for the lounge furniture in here... cos they are so dark.  They make the room look small.  We will see.

 ABOVE:  This table was in the laundry area of the garage.  I've put it outside, it actually looks quite neat there.... only it probably needs a timber top instead of what it's got right now.
Another job for this weekend maybe?

ABOVE:  Stew woke up on Monday morning with what looked like a burn on his chest, above his arm pit.  Then it got blisters all over it, then more areas appeared over the course of the next few days.  We have NO idea what has caused it!

It's not something he's eaten, cos it's not hives.
The only thing I can think of is that he's touched/rubbed against something that he's had a reaction to?  But we just can't think what.

Weird.  Hopefully he doesn't get any more areas flaring up.

Today?  I'm going into Hamilton (again)... cos I forgot to enrol for next term at Donna's Quilt Studio.  So I'll do that, then go have a nice wander around The Base.  


I did wonder if Stew's rash was shingles, we were just talking about that last night.  So, he's got a Doctor's appointment this afternoon to get it checked out.
I hope it's NOT shingles.

APRIL WATCH:  OMG that tardy tart is just so happy right now... not a sign of going into labour.  She's doing my bloody head in.. I can't even sleep cos of her!  I want to see a baby!!!

4.45 pm:  And the doctor thinks it's NOT shingles... most likely something toxic he's been in contact with.
He's got antihistamines and ointments, and if it keeps spreading, an anti viral medication just in case it is something viral.

We love our Doctor, she's just so LOVELY.  Down to earth, totally approachable, friendly and just a normal chick.  It's worth it to get sick just to see her!  lol

Now... it's time to think about what to feed them for dinner.  Silly bugger type dinner tonight... something on toast I reckon.

Stew made home made pizzas for dinner, they were excellent!

It's been a quiet evening here, as per usual, I'm watching Coronation Street right now... then I'm off to bed.  I can hardly keep my eyes open!


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Lacy how dare you! After all your parents have done for you. You are a disgrace. Shame on you.
    Marina Shipley, Sheffield, Sth Yorkshire, uk

    1. Re-read the above Marina... it WASN'T Lacy at fault this time.

    2. Anonymous9:27 AM

      it's always my fault it's algds, I'm a big girl, I can't take it :)

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Do you think Stew could have shingles - just a thought. Is it painful? I used to say to my kids "why ask me, you only want me to totally agree with you and I not willing to do that" and then they usually refused to talk to me!! Audrey, Rotorua

  3. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Might be shingles. I personally had them in February / March. I was 'lucky' that I had minimal pain but the itching about drove me nuts. Took almost 6 weeks to clear up. I got a lotion from Doctor and Rx from doctor I took for a week. But they basically clear on their own after 4-6 weeks. Some people suffer horrible pain with them but I had a 'mild' case. My coworker's wife just got them and she unfortunatly has a lot of pain.

  4. I was thinking shingles too. Hope it's not they can be incredibly painful.

  5. Definately get it checked because if it is shingles and it gets worse it can be miserable. Late night dramas not going to help as it can be exacerbated by stress.

    1. I replied to your window comment over on PEPSI.

  6. Looks like shingles to me too. I was diagnosed with them about a month ago. Coincidence! It was on my back and very painful, shooting stabbing pain into my groin,hip and right leg. ouuuuchh!

  7. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Poor Stew! Hope it's not shingles - so painful! Sending good thoughts your way for the family drama. I think most moms will agree it never stops no matter how old they get! Thanks to you, me and my entire office is hooked on GIRAFFE WATCH! Meetings get interrupted, shouts are heard all over when her "tail lifts" - it's hilarious. Make sure and join the contest to name the baby!!!
    Love to you and yours!
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. I have never seen shingles so I am interested in the outcome of the Dr visit. Just when things seem to be going smoothly, more Dramas. It's about time some of your kids grew up isn't it, maybe they never will 😱

  9. I am almost certain it is not shingles. Shingles starts at your spine and radiates out from there. I had it, and have the itching from it for 8 months now. It's finally getting better 8 months later. (the rash only lasted a few weeks, the itching 8 months). Good to get it checked out right away though. It came on suddenly and looks nasty!

    1. My Step Father got shingles last year... on his scalp, forehead and face. No where near his spine actually. He has taken MONTHS and MONTHS to get over it sadly. Time will tell if it's shingles or not, the doctor will know for sure.

  10. I know, tell me about April!!!!! I wake up in the morning, look at Youtube to see if there is a baby and then get on with my day. She's just having us all on :) Maybe this weekend for sure?

  11. Lorraine H2:43 PM

    I do hope it is not Shingles that Stew has got.I've had them twice(not nice).Last year for the second time were both legs.The first time was half of the chest area.Regardless Stew you've done the right thin by taking yourself of to the Dr.


  12. OMG! I just googled images for Shingles on the face. YIKES! All I can say is that I am truly glad it is not Shingles. I forgot about the face thing, even though I know someone who nearly went blind from it. Mine was on the Torso . Now everyone I know is getting the Shingles vaccine. I hope Stew's rash goes away quickly. How odd. Glad you have a sweet Doctor, that makes less miserable! I love that you called April a "Tardy Tart". I am stealing that one! She truly is!

  13. Love Keera's two plates at dinner-what a great idea.So glad Stew does not have Shingles. The rash does look very angry and painful. Hope it clears up quickly.

  14. I'm glad you have sort of found out what Stews problem is.

  15. Poor ol' Stew won't be able to do all those chores you've got for him, with that rash. Hope he gets well soon! Have a great weekend!

  16. Hopefully Stew gets better quickly. Good luck, may the weekend be peaceful.

  17. Shingles can appear anywhere my mum face and cheek nearly eye! I have had mild shingles neck and scalp. Hope it clears soon.


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