Saturday, April 29, 2017


The other day, in Tirau, I saw an amazing knitted throw in Notting Hill.  It had been knitted using GIANT NEEDLES, and a very thick pure wool.
I fell in love with it.  But at $200+, I left it there, thinking I could make one myself.

Then last night I saw an article on Seven Sharp (A current events programme) about just those thows!  A woman in Hamilton started knitting them, and now they are being made/sold all over the country and even overseas.  There's heaps of images on Google Images of examples of giant knitting.  Some are really cool!

So.. AFTER my Mum's birthday, and our Wedding Anniversary/Housewarming PARTY and then trip away in June, and a few patchwork UFO's... I will give it a go!

I will have to find out where I can get my hands on some of the 45 cm wooden needles from!  
That could be a mission.

Today?  Well as I didn't get a chance to do the shopping I needed to do yesterday, after my mammogram, I shall be popping into Hamilton today to do that.
Hopefully nothing happens to derail those plans.


3.55 pm:  Late update, cos we have been out in Hamilton.
We had lunch at the Base, then did some more shopping for party stuff.  I think I now have everything I need?

Hopefully I do anyway.

Now we are home, and it's almost time to get dinner in the oven.  We are having lamb chops slow baked in the oven in thick mint sauce... with onions and potatoes.  Veges on the side.

Should be good.

It's been raining all day, a steady drizzle.  Expecting more tomorrow.  I'm actually COLD!
Off to get warmer clothes on.

OH ... little great niece has a name.  Joyce.  She will be known as JOY.. which is my middle name!  I don't think they knew that when they named her though.  But... let's pretend she's named after me!  lol  Her middle name is Lori, after my sister, her Nana.

Well it's past midnight and I've just finished reading a book on my laptop.  I'm really enjoying reading again I must say.
But not this late!  I really must get to bed.


  1. Maria7:31 AM

    This is the website for the big knitting from seven sharp last night

  2. I reckon someone could make you a couple of those!!! 😉

  3. I saw that too was excellent article. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. $594.00 to make a blanket, on the plump & co. web site, yikes, that expensive!! You could get fat dowels and have them sharpened to a point for a lot less money. I had some made because I needed extra long needles to make cowichan sweaters all in one piece-I hate using circular needles. Is the blanket very heavy?

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Steve the Builder could make them needles ... little side line for him lol

  6. Once you got started on the blanket you would be done in no time. Good way to avoid another UFO. Steve can make the needles, but the yarn may be spendy.

  7. You need your own sheep to make that throw!


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