Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I missed my usual Weight Watchers meeting on Monday night.  Felt too fat and also, too rushed.  If I go to the meeting, I have to then race to get to the Patchwork meeting on time too.

So on Monday I gave it a miss.

BUT... I am going to a meeting in Hamilton tonight instead.  

I saw this:

ABOVE:  This advert.  And I want to give it a go.  I know I can lose 5 kilos in 8 weeks!  And to then have 2 months FREE at Weight Watchers, well; what an incentive!

So, I'm going to the 6 pm meeting in Hamilton tonight, and funnily enough, it's being run by one of the Cambridge leaders.  So... all good!

I got Stew to  hang the new weekly board last night:

ABOVE:  It's in the 'main' part of the hallway, opposite the family room/kitchen.  Now no one is going to be asking 'What's for dinner?'  *smiles*
I've also put on it things/appointments not to be forgotten.  As it's literally right in ya face when you go into or out of the family room/kitchen, you have no excuse to forget!

I'm not going to be using chalk... too messy.  So, stick it notes will do.

Keera is back at Kindy today... so it shall be fairly quiet till lunchtime.  I better make the most of it.

Right, that's it for now... catch ya later.


ABOVE:  Baby G getting a vet check.  He's so cute. SO HAPPY!  The giraffe live feed is back... not every day, but back on a regular basis.  Every Tuesday between 4 pm and 8 pm (their time).  So, Wednesday 8 am till midday here.
I am watching them this morning... I have missed them.  *smiles*

One shitty job just done.  I spot painted all the places that we repaired a couple of weeks ago.  God I hate painting!  I found it incredibly EASY to just do the patches, and not get carried away and do more.  I just don't have the energy to do the whole house!

And now I'm taking a break for a little while, before picking up Keera and preparing dinner for the family.  I'm making a meat loaf for tonight.

Well... I had a good trip into Hamilton.  I found a few things for my Mum's party from Spotlight, then I bought some more drinks/food items/pastic plates and glasses etc for the party too.  That was expensive!
But, it's a one off thing, ya Mum doesn't turn 80 every day.

After that I went to the Weight Watchers meeting in town.  And shock ... horror... I STAYED THE SAME!

I didn't expect that.  Now I have to be VERY GOOD for the next 8 weeks and lose a minimum of 5kgs to get the 2 months free!

I can do that.

And on that positive note, I'm out of here.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. We had something similar, lose 10 lbs and get two months free. It was a great incentive for me and saved me quite a bit. You can do it :)

    1. Sounds like the same thing as what's on here.. only our's is in Kilos!

  2. Love your chalk board! You could try chalk ink pens, they're not messy....

    1. OK, they look pretty cool! Not sure if we have them here, but I will have a look this afternoon while I'm out and about. Thanks.

    2. Warehouse Stationery have small ones...rather than having to buy the big fat ones.

    3. Thanks Kate, I will go there today.

  3. I am glad you mentioned the giraffe came, I had no idea they were doing anything with it. I wonder why Tuesday nights of all things?

    1. It fits in with their routines and works out a fairly good time both there, and the other side of the world too.... like HERE! 😊

  4. Ohhhhh that giraffe is cute cute! So glad you stayed the same in weight .. Score


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