Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I might just go into Hamilton again today.

Winter is coming and I want to have a go at making a polar fleece patchwork blanket for Keera.  I already have some polar fleece, but need some more.

If it turns out OK, I will probably make some more for other grandkids.

I also have to get working on a little gift for my Mum's birthday too.

There's heaps of projects I want to get working on in the sewing room in fact!  HEAPS of them.  *smiles*

Stew's rash is slowly getting better, it's not been as itchy the last day or so.  He reckons it gets worse when he's warm.  Well, I think he's HOT all the time of course!  lol

So, that's my plans for now.  


12.56 PM:  Home from Hamilton.
It's pissing down with rain today, so quite a pain getting in and out of various places.

First stop today was Spotlight, where I got some polar fleece:

ABOVE: I hope I got enough... I wanted enough to make Keera a blanket and a throw for the lounge.

After Spotlight, I went up to Waikato Hospital and visited my Great Niece Brandy and her Mum, Dad and brother.  Brandy had surgery yesterday (she's fine!), and will be heading home in a few days.

After that... back to Cambridge.  I enrolled Keera at the local dental clinic, then picked her up from Kindy.

ABOVE: Little Miss Muppet insisted I take a photo of her 'moustache'!  This kid LOVES nutella and banana on toast.

She's off to bed shortly for a nap, and I am going to have my lunch.  

Remember way back in 2014 when Griffin got whacked in the mouth with a baby bottle, and broke his bottom front tooth?
Then he got a root canal done on that tooth, and we were told he might need the tooth next to it done as well?

Well.. looks like that is going to happen now.
He's been complaining of toothache for a little while now.  So, I've just spent the past hour and a half going through my blog working out dates, and who saw him for the first root canal.

I need the ACC number so the dentist here can tap into that claim and fix his 2nd tooth.  It's been a bloody nightmare getting all the details,. but ... I've done it!

Thank god for my blog... I now have all the details, except the ACC number.  I am ringing the dentist in Auckland tomorrow to get that number.

My Fitbit has been reminding me to move... so I better get off me butt and MOVE!

And now it's not sync'ing on my laptop!  so annoying.  I'm trying to fix it, but not having much success.  Might be a job for the tech experts at Dick Smith!

Haa haa, I love it!  My Fitbit tells me I only have to do 255 more steps to reach my hourly goal... so I walk up and down the hallway 2.5 times and it's done... and my Fitbit tells me 'Well done, You nailed it!'.   *smiles*

Oh man I'm knackered for some reason.  I can hardly keep my eyes open... it will be an early night again I think.


  1. Love the photo of Keera, raining in Auckland too. Blah!!!

  2. Could you have not phoned ACC for the number? Mind you, trawling through blog posts would probably have been a) more fun & b) more likely to produce a result :-)

    1. I didn't think of that! Derrr.

  3. Dick smith doesn't exist anymore, so you could always wait till your tech savy son gets there to have a look at it?

    1. Ahh yeah, forgot about DS closing down! I've got it working on my phone again, so can at least check my numbers on there.

  4. I love my fitbit. Whenever I take it off charge it says "BOOM!" :D I've not tried syncing it with my laptop but heard quite a few people have issues with that. It seems to work OK with my phone though.

    1. Thanks goodness for our phones eh! lol

  5. Oh yes rain rain rain gumboit weather Keera looks well pleased with herself. Thank goodness for the blog.

  6. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Keera is such a cutie! Those glasses are so cute. I love Nutella and bananas on toast myself. Your dental and medical coverage is so different than ours in the United States. Marianne in Orlando, Florida

  7. I love the layout of your house. You get a master bath AND plenty of privacy. Far different from setting up your bed in the garage, eh?


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