Monday, May 01, 2017


It's back to normal around here today, end of school holidays.

The teenagers have been no trouble AT ALL to have home all day... I love them to bits and they really give me no grief at all.

The small child has been quite good too... she is very good at playing quietly when she wants to.

I think the only thing I don't like about school starting again is having to get up early every day, follow a routine, be on call for the small child, and remember to pick her up after kindy every day too!

I've set an alarm on my phone so I don't forget her actually, otherwise I no doubt would sometimes!

It's not like it's HARD to do the school/kindy thing... cos hell it's not... I've done it with 6 kids at home after all... but at my age?  It's not FUN anymore!  It's tiring!

Ha!  I can't believe I just said I DON'T LIKE SCHOOL STARTING AGAIN!  Who would believe it?   I always jump up and down with glee when school starts!  Things change obviously.

It is good for Keera to go to kindy though, she needs to be in the company of other LITTLE kids like herself.  Around here, it's just teenagers and us oldies!

Once the kids are off, I have the local Patchwork Group meeting.  Not sure what I shall take along to work on... I've got several things on the go right now.

But... I will sort it out.  
Time to go.
Catch ya later...


ABOVE: The latest photo of April's baby boy.  He's now two weeks old and doing very well by all accounts.   He will have a name very soon, maybe by tomorrow (our time). 

1.09 pm:  And I'd like to come back here and say I got HEAPS done at patchwork today... but I didn't!
Two lovely ladies came over fairly early in the morning and started chatting... and chatting, and in the end I left at 12.30 pm having done only one row of sewing!

LOL... it was nice. *smiles*

So now I've unpacked my car and put everything away in my sewing room and am about to have some lunch, before sorting out dinner.

I've got Weight Watches tonight.  Easter has caught up with me  😭*sad face* 😟  Thought it would, so am totally getting a big, fat gain tonight.  But all good, I will just have to work that little bit harder to lose those 5 kilos (plus the gain) in 8 weeks!

Totally doable. 

8.00 pm:  Well... the scales don't lie.  UP .900 grams.  Could have been worse.  So onward from here... I have to lose 5.9 kgs in 8 weeks to qualify for the 2 months FREE weigh ins.
Gunna do it too.

Time to sign off for the day, it's been another quiet day on here.


  1. How cute is that giraffe! I am back at work tomorrow stink had frost this morning nice day though hella cold.

  2. Hope not to much of a gain on the scale Chris.

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Why can't Keera's mum look after her?
    Susan Pearce, Brighton, UK

    1. Probably none of your business

    2. SPOT ON DEE :)

    3. Anonymous2:12 AM

      If you put your life out there for all to see you've got to expect questions. At lease Susan said who she was and asked politely.
      In saying that we haven't heard anything on or from Lacy in a while. Wondered if she was in jail. Kira is such a gorgeous child she is far better off with you anyway. You're amazing for being there for everyone. I hope all good things come to you.

    4. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Hello I haven't been on mum's blog for a few days, and yea spot on Dee thank you :) no I am not in jail thanks, and where I am and what I am doing is actually none of anybody dam business except my mum and dad's as for my daughter Keera also NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS THANK YOU.
      I hope you have a nice day.

      From the Jail Bird :)

  4. I agree Anonymous - You are amazing Chris and I know it is tiring but Kira is so beautiful and it is not her fault for all of the complications. She deserves love and stability -that is what we all crave.

    1. Anonymous6:19 AM

      What complications? Sorry I am new here.
      Susan Pearce, Brighton, UK

    2. Anonymous11:20 AM

      None of your business. Keera is fine, why are you so interested and wanting to no so much about Keera and her Mother

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM

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  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

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