Friday, April 14, 2017


Well, we were very lucky and the storm bypassed us on a whole.
Yes, we got some rain, but nothing unusual for the time of year.

Other parts of the country got a battering, but no massive damage done.  Slips, some flooding and trees down, few roofs off... the usual sort of stuff.

We have no definite plans for the day.  All the shops are closed, so I will probably start sewing all the blocks together for my rag throw.

Bex helped me get all the layers sorted out last night, after I'd cut out all the blocks.

So much prep involved.  Now the sewing starts.
I'm really excited to see the end result, I've not made a rag quilt before.

HAPPY EASTER to everyone!


2.00 pm:  it's been a busy family day.  Lots of noise!  I made a start on the rag quilt... but have run into a BIG SNAG.

Sewing three layers of polar fleece is OK, but when it comes to joining all the layers together.. NIGHTMARE.

The thread keeps snapping, the only way to do it is to slow INCREDIBLY slowly, stitch by stitch... and even then the thread kept snapping.  I  got this far:

ABOVE:  I joined two rows together.. and now?  I'm unpicking it all!
The next step will be using 'normal' fabric for two of the layers, and just have the polar fleece on the top.  Fingers crossed that works.

But right now... I'm unpicking.  That is going to take me bloody hours.  

Steve and Bex and the boys have gone into Hamilton to visit friends, so it's a bit quieter in the house right now.
Keera is tagging along with Stew while he does a few odd jobs around the house.

I made chicken burgers for everyone's dinner tonight... with wedges.  They went down very well.
There has been a Coronation Street Marathon on the TV tonight!  6 episodes in a row!!!
I'm in my sewing room watching it.  BLISS.

Signing off now... going to bed soon.


  1. Happy Easter! I hope that you're all having an enjoyable, yet relaxing day.

  2. Are you using polar fleece in the middle ? I have only seen that type of quilt done with batting in the middle layer. The batting in the middle is usually smaller than the outside pieces so it is only held by the X not by the seams

  3. That's the best idea Chris. I've made a rag quilt with cotton and batting in the middle. It'll look great. I'm in hospital so my sewing plans have come to a grinding halt.little stroke. just got right side face droop so verylucky but got to ha e another ct to check for clot.

    1. OMG Karen! That's no good... I hope you are Ok soon. {{{BIG HUGS}}} my friend.

    2. Warning sign Chris. Need to look after myself better and less stress tho not sure how I can do that at work!!!

  4. Happy Easter Chris - hope your friend heals fast.

  5. Oh sewing unpicking seeing unpicking busy busy hope it didn't take too long.

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Happy Easter!


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