Saturday, April 15, 2017


Today we have more family arriving for lunch, and after that the little kids will be having an Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard.

Should be fun.

But, before that, I'm dashing into Spotlight to buy some flannelet for my polar fleece rag rug.
I've decided not to use 'proper' cotton patchwork fabric.  It would be a bit of a waste using expensive fabric for the middle of the rug!

APRIL: That bloody giraffe is STILL pregnant!  Archer sits on my knee and says "April... Baby... Yum yum"... cos she chews her cud and he thinks she's eating.  He's so bloody cute.
I can't believe she has still not had her baby.  Imagine if she's still pregnant in another month!!!     

I think that's all for now... off to start the day.


ABOVE:  The egg hunt will have to be inside today!  It's been raining steadily most of the morning.  
But that's fine.. I have an extra long hallway, so will be hiding eggs there instead.

ABOVE:  Griffin getting rudely urged to get out of bed.  It was either the little kids got him up, or I used a cup of cold water over his head.  He wisely chose the little kids.  *smiles*
Shit it's been AGES since I tipped water over a kid's head!

I was going into Spotlight for flanelette, until Bex suggested I use an old sheet!  Score!  No wasted time going into Hamilton, and no expense.  Rather happy she thought of that for me.

Steve is working today.. even though it's raining.

APRIL:  Is acting different.   Just saying.  She might be joking.  But ya never know....

The kids are mocking me about April.  I don't care. No really, I don't.  I want to see her have her baby.  If that is today, or in another month.  I will be watching.

Stew is cooking dinner tonight. Sausages, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.
We have a full house for dinner.

Us. Steve and his family.  Kelly and Rena and Russ and Ange.

Evening is winding down... not quite as expected. Will fill you in tomorrow.


APRIL IS IN LABOR!!!!! Her bag of waters is protruding out.... 11.15 pm here... 15th April.


  1. Great thinking Bex !

  2. Lol hope Griffen has ticklish feet lol

  3. That's an awesome idea of Bex. Hope the Easter egg hunt went well. A friend bought in a small marshmallow Easter egg this afternoon so as I was hungry I put it in my mouth. Wrong! Can you imagine how hard it is to devour one of them with only half your mouth working. Lol.

  4. I caved and subscribed to April alerts. Damn you Chris for introducing me.. 😘

  5. I am beginning to think that giraffe is not actually pregnant, it is an elaborate April Fools joke (pun intended).

  6. Hope the day has been fun filled with family and egg hunting ...

  7. Hey Chris... baby is coming!!! I know you have the alerts but I just thought I'd tell you anyway.

    1. WATCHING IT LIVE.....

    2. Phew.. just as well!! Yes, I was watching as the sac came out and thought of you. Yay, we won't miss it :)

  8. I just saw the breaking news about April giving birth and hoped you were watching :)

  9. For real now eh? Glad you aren't missing it!!

  10. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I'm so glad you told us about April, we have just watched the north live and it was absolutely amazing! So beautiful!

  11. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Birth not north

  12. Thanks to you Chris, I too just watched the birth!

  13. Replies
    1. HI Chick! Long time no see/hear!!! Hope you are well.


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