Wednesday, April 05, 2017


We are supposed to get masses of rain today... like we didn't get enough yesterday?

I don't mind that much, except for the fact our cars are OUTSIDE, so we have to get wet getting into and out of them.

We have far too much exercise equipment!
I'm going to have to have a serious think about what I want more... lots of exercise equipment (that I don't use, but Stew does), or a useable garage?

Hmmm.... thinking... thinking.

I've got quite a bit of housework to get done today... mostly washing.  Once that it done I shall try and get some sewing done.  I still haven't even thought about finishing that little giraffe!

TALKING about giraffes... I better check in on April and see what she is doing.  Probably NOTHING.

She reminds me of myself when I was pregnant with Steve!

I had a scan with him, and was told he was 'due' around mid February.
February came and went, so did March, and I finally had him on April the 24th... 30 years ago almost!  Do ya reckon Miss April is going to hang out like that too???


Right, I'm off to get the kids to school/kindy and get on with my day.


9.45 AM:  And the weather forecast might be wrong.  The sun is actually trying to peek through the clouds!  Maybe we will get all that rain later?

The live stream from Animal Adventure Park of April has gone down again, it's been down for over an hour now.  What ya bet she bloody has her baby NOW?  So crabby when it goes down.

And to add to my crabbiness, the giraffe pattern is beyond me!  I've got this far:

 ABOVE: Yeah, it looks like some dead, deflated thing.  I am HOPELESS at following more complicated pattern instructions!  They are like double dutch to me.  I shall have to wait till I go back to the patchwork class in Hamilton to finish it... Donna will be able to help me with it.

ABOVE:  At least I got the ears/horns/mane on!

Not sure what I will get up to now...  maybe looking at the garage and seeing what I can do in there?

OH YEAH!!!!  I just flicked back to April, and the live feed is up again.  Panic over.

2.12 pm:  And I'm knackered!  I got things moved around in the garage so I could get my car back in!
It meant putting the exercycle in the lounge, but that's OK.

 ABOVE:  Before I moved stuff...

  ABOVE:  After moving stuff.  Now it can piss down and we won't get wet getting in and out of the car.  YES!

10.01 pm:  Well the rain finally arrived here!  We've had some pretty heavy showers this evening.  There's heaps of flooding all over the North Island.

Time to sign off for the day.  I'm once again knackered!


  1. Penny8:49 AM

    Two things: that is a long time to leave you waiting to have a baby. I think here in Melbourne they said they would think about inducing 1-2 weeks after the due date if all was normal. I guess different times?

    Secondly, I don't think for a moment it is my place to comment on your home and what you keep or not. But if Stew is using the exercise equipment I hope you don't get rid of it! A good habit already in place is not something to mess with but I'm sure you are aware of that.

    Good luck with that rain! Penny

    1. OH Penny, I have no intention of getting rid of the exercise equipment! Just shuffle things around again so I can possibly get my car back in there! I don't think they can 'induce' April, she's a wild animal and 'medical' intervention is not necessary. She's not LATE, they have just got their dates wrong... there is a large variance in time with a giraffe's pregnancy.

    2. I meant a long time to leave YOU waiting to have Steve, not April! I have no idea about giraffes. Six weeks seemed a long time post due date but I guess scans were quite new then. .

    3. If we went by the scan dates, Steve was 9 weeks LATE! lol

  2. Hope you dont get too much more rain, I see Cyclone Debbie is paying you a visit!!!

    1. Might be 'PAID' us a visit yesterday, cos today is turning out quite nice!

  3. Is that giraffe always in a pen or out in a yard as well?
    And did they get your dates wrong with Steve? We need more details on that! It's fascinating!

    1. Both giraffe's have access to the yard during the day. Oliver goes out, but April chooses to stay inside.
      Steve's Scan was clearly WRONG on dates. He was measuring big, so they thought he was due sooner. AS he was born weighing 10 pound 12 ounces, I reckon he was QUITE overdue! I saw a specialist OBGYN in the March and he said I should have him 'ANY DAY NOW'. Nope. When he finally arrived, he was HUGE. He got stuck (shoulder dystocia), and it was a true nightmare to get him out! The midwife SAT on my stomach and pushed, and the Doctor pulled his head! He was born bruised all over! That totally wrecked my girly area, and I had to have reconstructive surgery 12 years ago to finally fix the damage! Is that enough detail for ya? lol

    2. Very interesting reading! Thanks Chris! Wonder why they didn't induce you, or wasn't that the done thing then?

    3. I was booked in for an induction on the Monday, but went into labour three days before, on the Friday... so did it 'naturally'.

    4. All I can say to that is "ouch"... Great job clearly your half of the garage though.

  4. Oodles rain here bit cooler last few days muggy as maybe a covered overhang from garage to offer respite from weather or a sleep out room by play equipment for gym equipment? A bigger house? Lol stay where you it will work you can't build carport eh?

    1. A carport is not in the budget right now, probably not till next year.

  5. Anonymous2:01 PM

    122 mils in our backyard as at 6:30am this morning even got evacuated from work yesterday arvo yeehah! George's Mum

  6. It has been pouring rain here since yesterday and will continue throughout the week. Only good point about it is that the snow is melting. Great job on the garage. Love the Giraffe.


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