Monday, April 24, 2017


STEVE TURNS 30 TODAY... so a rather special day for him.

I sure can't forget the day he was born!  He was VERY OVERDUE, and in fact I was booked in for an induction and possible caesarean section three days after he was actually born.  That's because by the time he arrived .. he weighed 10 pound 12 ounces!

He wasn't the easiest kid to deliver, believe me.  So... of all my kids births, his sticks out as the worst!  But... I got over it.

Moving on... We hope he has a lovely day, even though he has to work.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  No idea what that face is about! Too funny.

 ABOVE:  Archie got bumped on the nose, so Dante comforted him. How adorable is that?  Awwww.

 ABOVE:  Playing happily.

It has been very nostalgic going through old photos for my Mum's 80th Birthday...

 ABOVE: This one was taken about 30 years ago (when my Grandmother was 70), and was probably one of the very few times all my Mum's siblings and their mother were photographed together;  before my Grandmother passed away aged 86.
My Mum is the eldest of TEN... 5 girls, then 5 boys!  Mum is the one in red.

 ABOVE:  This photo is very dear to me.  It is of My Grandmother, my Mum, my daughter Lacy and her daughter Brylee, and me.
5 generations of direct line, mothers - daughters.  You don't get to see that very often.
Sadly, my Grandmother passed away only 18 months later.

ABOVE:  In the box of photos and stuff my Mum left here for me, I found this.  My mother's school leaving certificate.  Hard to believe, but 8 years later she was married with 3 kids already!
In between then... she went to college, got a job and met me Dad.

Next month we will be celebrating her 80th birthday, a stone's throw away from that very school that she left 67 years ago!  I must remember to take some photos of the school when we go over in May.

Today I shall be working on this lot:

ABOVE: The photo boards.  Not sure how I shall be arranging the photos yet, or display ideas... but I'm sure it will come together over the course of a few days.


It's almost 11 am and I am still in my pyjamas!  Seriously... my back was so sore when I got up this morning I could hardly move.  So I sat down in front of the telly and didn't move.  lol

Now... I'm starting to feel more human again, I might make a move and hit the shower.  
Then who knows?

Get on with those photo boards me thinks.

4.27 PM: And poof! Best laid plans and all that... I got in the shower and decided then was a good time to spring clean it... so 45 minutes later a squeaky clean shower AND me.  lol

Then Stew decided we should do the grocery shopping... so off we went and did that.  It was certainly easier having Stew along to do all the heavy stuff.   And loading/unloading too.

Since then, I've done bugger all.

I know that once I get stuck into the photo boards, nothing else will get done.  So I keep putting it off!  Funny that.

After dinner I went to our Patchwork meeting.  It was nice just sitting and chatting to the ladies... I'm feeling more and more like a part of this group now. And it wasn't too hot in Jenny's house, last time it was and I nearly died from the heat.

Home now and hoping to have an early-ish night.  I'm so tired lately, and I have no idea why.   


  1. I've also been going thru photos from my stash for mum 80 in August. Memories I don't have any from mum collection but have managed to get about 100. I'm cheating though and just putting them on a memory stick and going to play a slideshow on tv on the night. It's a huge amount of work. And dollars Need to finish making the invites by middle next month. I now have all the bits so will put them together and get in the post. Then it's the cake. And I am making 2 cards because we r having an afternoon tea on the actual date of her bithday but the theme for party is Margarette Daisy so card and cake r going to be the same can't give her tha in the birthday day as it will spoil the party night which isb2 nights later.

  2. Happy 30th Steve!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Steve. Have a great day!!! J

  4. Happy birthday hairy face haha love ya lots tho hubby

  5. How gorgeous is Dante with his baby brother Archer. Happy birthday Steve!

  6. Awwww melt hearts those boys!!! Too cute. Keera certainly enjoys their company too. Big job photos once it's done you be right. Hope your back came right

  7. Happiest of birthdays xx

  8. I love old pictures! I can't imagine having 10 kids in this day and age. Although back then you didn't have to do anything but feed and cloth them really. Not all these extra expenses now like PROM and CARS and such lol.

  9. What treasures! And the recent photos of the grandkids, they all look so much alike. :)


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