Sunday, April 09, 2017


Yesterday Chris D showed me her new Fitbit Alta HR.
She rewarded herself after losing 20 kilos with a more advanced Fitbit.

She asked me how mine was going, and I had to tell her it totally died in December.

AND guess what?  She up and gave me her old Fitbit Alta!

 ABOVE:  Yaaaa!   I have a Fitbit again!  And this one acts as a watch, and gives me alerts when I get a text message !  Oh and of course, it tracks my steps and so on too.

I'm thrilled to bits with it... THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS!

ABOVE:  Steve snapped Bex last night... she wasn't impressed.  Caught crocheting. 

ABOVE: Our latest crop of feijoas!  Bex and I spent a good hour last night getting the pulp out and freezing it all. 
I have enough pulp for at least 6 more cakes!
In a week we will probably have just as many again.  Awesome.

Today is the Trash and Treasure market down in town (Cambridge), so Bex and I are off to check out the wares.
Stew is babysitting.  Steve is working today,  down the road where he built that big deck.

Catch ya later!


11.06 am:  Back from the market, where I had some success in finding treasure!

Walking past one stall, spotted a kid's balance bike.  Asked "How much?" and was told $5.  Bought it immediately.

Dante has one and loves it, so now Keera has one too:

 ABOVE:  The seat was too low...

 ABOVE:  Steve adjusting the seat for her... she's such a tall kid for her age.

ABOVE:  Perfect!  I love seeing the little kids in the yard, happily playing.  

I also bought $40 worth of daffodil bulbs, and some other bulbs which will come up in Spring.  Various flowers, no idea what they are called! lol
Yaaa, there will be some colour in the gardens.

Oh and I bought some 'water balls'... they are tiny beads that you soak in water and then you can put them in pot plants, or use them decoratively.  I'm not sure what I shall use them for yet... but probably in some sort of decorative way.

I will show you once I've done them.

I love lazy days like this, just relaxing with family.

Well clearly I'm being TOO LAZY!  My fitbit just vibrated and said "LET'S MOVE!"
So I got up and walked around the back yard... twice, cos...

ABOVE:  It takes me 160 steps to walk around the yard!  So twice around and I've done the minimum for the hour. SCORE!

*** that aerial view of our home is old, we don't have a trampoline, and the gardens have plants in them now.

ABOVE:  All the kids playing on the driveway this afternoon.  We are so lucky to have a lovely big driveway.

ABOVE: Steve putting up the shelf for me.  Stew or I COULD have done it, but why when we have Bob the Builder?  lol  Thanks Steve, love ya heaps.  

 ABOVE:  Looking very pretty in here now... I'm trying to tone down the dark brown with pretties.  It seems to be working.  

ABOVE:  It's still very pretty in here too... young Archer is enjoying the peace and quiet, watching Paw Patrol on the TV.  He's such a little honey, and talking heaps now, like a bloody parrot.

It's now almost 8 pm and Steve and family have left for home and we are now relaxing, watching some TV ourselves.  Broadchurch is on tonight... so looking forward to that.


  1. I thought Chris D was looking different! 20 kilos, well done to her. You all looked great, so glad you had a lovely meet up. We sometimes travel down to Taupo to meet up with our friends half way.

  2. I got a Fitbit Alta for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It's great! Hope you enjoy yours :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day!

  4. Good grief I manage to feel guilty enough myself if I don't exercise a bloody Fitbit would just Infuriate me -I could attach it to the cat 🐱

    1. LOL... I could attach it to the dog, but she sleeps and lies around even more than me! I actually like the reminder to move... it's GOOD FOR ME.

  5. What an awesome invention.

  6. Anonymous6:16 PM

    You seem to have an abundance of fruit but never gift it to those less unfortunate.I'm sure you would be struggling if you had not met Stew.Just a thought.

    1. Just a thought... go away.

    2. What the fuck is your problem? Where the fuck do you get off attacking my mum, over fruit none the less. You seem to have an abundance of idiocy, but for the love of god keep it to yourself.

      You have absolutely no idea what your talking about, so just piss off and get a life. And for your information my mum would have been just fine if she hadn't met my dad, she is a strong lady and capable of doing anything.

    3. Are you kidding me? I have a family to feed... why would I not keep my fruit for my FAMILY'S USE? As for the rest of your comment... don't make me laugh. I would have been JUST FINE had I not met Stew! Your comment reeks of jealousy, hate and malice... and I expect nothing more from you. You have made nasty comments before, you give yourself away with your poor grammar yet again. And I have a damn good idea who YOU ARE too. You are just a Bitch.

    4. Anonymous11:53 PM

      You would be just another struggling Mum had you not met your husband.It's obvious.You cut down a fug tree full of fruit but not once did you offer to give any of it away.

    5. Anonymous11:57 PM

      I'm French and English is our second language.Bit funny to be mocking my grammar when your own daughter can barely string a sentence together.That's what happens when you do drugs.

    6. A. You are NOT French. B. My Daughter can speak perfectly well thank you. C. Can you please just fuck off and annoy someone else for a change?

    7. OH and we did give some of the figs away to our neighbour, I just didn't MENTION it. Oops, I didn't know I had to report every single nitty gritty thing I do.

    8. You are an absolute cunt of a human being! I would be so happy if you would just stop hiding behind a keyboard and say this shit face to face, then I could teach you the lesson you so desperately need.

      People like you are the reason so many people suffer from anxiety and depression, because all you can do is run down other people from the safety of your computer. Thankfully my mother is above pathetic losers like you and doesn't take anything people like you say to heart, she knows the kind of amazing woman she is. She would have made an amazing life for us kids regardless of having a husband or not, but we are all thankful for such having such an amazing father in our lives too (well except one backstabbing deluded waste of space, but that is a story for another day). Now do us all a favour and fuck off back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

  7. WTF
    What's with some people ? What is wrong with keeping food to use later ? Anyone would think that you are throwing food away and wasting it.

  8. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hey you bloody Numpty keep your gob shut! Chris, Stew and their family are all good people or is this the reaction you are after you sick person. George's Mum

  9. Yeah geez Chris, how dare you grow your own food then have the audacity to save some of it to use to feed your family later. Seriously some people are just a little bit f*^~ed.

  10. Sheesh what a nut job that person is ^

    I love your couch. I really need to go buy some new furniture.

  11. I just was going to say that you inspired me to subscribe to April also. It would be silly at this point to miss it! Then, I saw the commenting drama. What in the world? Why bother to read a blog on a regular basis and leave nasty comments? For crying out loud - Don't waste your time reading this blog at all! And because they felt you should give away your figs... or whatever they were. How perplexing.

  12. Chris you can change the settings so that you don't get anonymous comments. Or you could just mark it as spam. Some sad people out there eh.

  13. I know I'm late to this, but I have to say I just love Steve's response to the nasty commenter!! He's a good lad - you've obviously done well in raising your kids (and the additions!) Some people just need to bugger off like the vermin they are! Continue as you are, you're doing well despite the muppets that try to bring you down.

    Melissa in Oz


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