Sunday, April 23, 2017


Yep, that's all the sewing I got done yesterday.  ONE ROW.
Pathetic.  Must try and do better today.  I want that rug finished... Cos I've got so much stuff to get done before my Mum's party!

Photo boards.  I've been waiting for photos to arrive from my Mum in Australia.  They took so long we thought they were lost in the post.
Then yesterday, after A MONTH, they finally arrived!

I was so relieved.  NOW I really can make a start on the photo boards.

I also have to do more grocery shopping for the party, get an attendance book, name labels, decorations bla bla bla.  

Today?  I have no idea what the family wants to do.  If it's fine a day outside would be lovely... maybe a park, or the lake, or the mall, or ???

Who knows.  If I get to my sewing, that would be awesome too.

ABOVE: I've just realised most of my photos of late are of this child/dog only!
Whoops!  I will try and get some lovely ones of the other kids today *smiles*


There is an Annual Autumn Festival with Art Stalls down in Cambridge today, so Bex, Brylee and I went down to have a look.

There weren't that many stalls, or much of anything really... but it killed an hour.

 ABOVE:  There were a few bands/singers which was nice... and a couple of guys on stilts... they had horrible faces.

There was going to be a march through town of people in fancy dress too, but we didn't bother staying for that.

 ABOVE:  I got Keera this little bag, yes, Bex could have made it, but I thought it would be nice for the lady who made it to make a sale.

ABOVE: Same with these mushrooms... they are hideous as is, so I will be re-painting them again.  And the wood turned handles?  Well at $1 each, why not?  The old gentlemen on the stall were really chuffed to sell them!

I feel like I have done my 'good deed' of the day. *smiles*

I don't think we are going anywhere today now.  It's just so nice to relax and do NOTHING.
I found a site where I can read books online for FREE, so am reading a book right now that is keeping me interested.  

I haven't read a book in FOREVER! 

6.55 pm:  and the family have just left.  Peace reigns again.  So sad Steve couldn't be here tomorrow... when he turns 30.  
It's the last episode of Broadchurch later on tonight... totally looking forward to that.
Then bed.


  1. I adore those little mushrooms, I'm sure they will soon be blue and dotted around your garden!!!

  2. The little purse is cute, she's such a doll with her glasses <3

  3. Beautiful photos - as always. Which site are you using for your reading? Always keen to find new ones to try :)

  4. Keera looks proud as punch 😀

  5. Dante and Keera look so cute, keep Archer pics coming they grow so fast. We watched World Masters Games Badminton and Hockey today traffic not too bad.

  6. I hadn't got into the broad church cult but softer hearing so much about this series I thought perhaps I should c what I'm missing so I downloaded series one and have just finished watching all episodes back to back. And yup it was wel worth watching.

  7. Oh, Keera is just gorgeous. !


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