Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Today Griffin sees a new dentist here in Cambridge for his sore tooth.
Hopefully they can sort it out, and ACC still covers the costs!

I'm picking he will need another root canal, but as he has pain?  Maybe not?  Fingers crossed.

Because Keera started using her arm a bit yesterday afternoon, I'm hoping she wakes up today and it's on the improve, thereby meaning we don't have to take another trip to the hospital.  Time will tell on that score.

I'm going to make a start on this job:

ABOVE:  Painting that gate... and once the gibstop stuff is 100% dry, I will put on the primer, then paint those areas too.
I'm SO tempted to paint that gate multi colours!  LOL... to match the cushions and paintings.  DARE I?  Or would it be too much?

Stew watched me struggling to shut the kitchen windows recently.  In order to reach the latches to pull them closed, I have to literally get on the kitchen bench, or go outside and push them in from outside.

So he went out yesterday and came home with this:

 ABOVE:  I don't know what it's 'correct' name is, but it is a 'picker upper thingee'!  lol

 ABOVE:  I can use it to close those windows AND...

 ABOVE:  AND... open and close the curtains without having to climb on the sofas to reach them!  I love that!!!

Oh, and I can use it to pick crap up off the floor without having to bend down too... which will be awesome for my back.   

I think that thingee is going to be one of my best friends. *smiles*

Best thing?  It was bloody cheap... so if I kill it in 3 months, it can be easily replaced. 
I probably won't kill it though.

ABOVE: The darling, darling little baby boy giraffe.  He's now 2 and a half days old, and doing very well.  I'm NOT watching the live feed as often now he's here, but I still keep half an eye on them.
He's too cute to ignore!

As it's school holidays, the kids are home from school and kindy for the next two weeks.  Stew has taken this week off work too... so lots of family time for us. 


2.00 pm:  Well.. Griffin has an infected tooth... the one beside the one that's had a root canal already.
So, he's on anitbiotics for 5 days, then he goes goes back next Monday for clearing out the gunk, then in 4 weeks he will have another root canal done.

I went out and bought some primer and have put in to the walls, and I've sprayed it on the gate.  Well... it's half done, waiting for one side to dry before doing the other side.
It's a process.

I also sprayed the back garage wall where there were filled in holes too.  Spraying is so friggin easy!

Pity I can't do that inside on the walls.

The rest of the afternoon/evening has been spent getting dinner (chicken/bacon/mushroom casserole) and falling sleep in front of the TV!

I'm freakin' tired!  Could be cos I stayed up till almost 2.30 am last night eh?  Derrrr.
Sometimes I just don't realise the time.

Not so tonight, I'm going to bed 'early', like no later than 11 pm.


  1. We have one of those things - we call it a grabber. Can't wait to see your gate! Hopefully Keera's sling is all she needs.

  2. That giraffe baby looks like a big stuffed animal lol.

  3. In the States we call that thingie a reacher. Honest, that's the "technical" name that our therapists use when they assign one to a patient.

  4. Go for it with the multicoloured gate Chris!

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Hi I have a couple of grabbers too, I had them after an operation, they pick up the tiniest things as well like buttons etc..


  6. How do you always have the right color paint? Even if it's just white - there are 100 whites out there!? Bummer about Griffin's tooth. I am about to go to Costa Rica for my second round of dental stuff. Implants and such. It is soo much cheaper in Costa Rica that it more than pays off for me to go from Minnesota twice!

    1. You flake some off the wall.. or even cut out a chunk and take it into the paint shop and they put it under their computer and boom! Matchy matchy! lol Good luck with your dental trip.

    2. OH! So that is what you do. I always wondered how you just happen to have the correct color all the time. Got it!

  7. Wow busy day that boy giraffe is utterly gorgeous! Hope Keera arm is on the improve beautiful start to holiday/s SUN YES


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