Friday, April 21, 2017


Today Stew is going to take the teenagers to the movies.

I'm going to stay home with Bex and the 3 smaller kids.

If I can, I hope to start sewing the blocks together that I cut out a couple of days ago.

This time I hope the fabric seams are not too thick and stitch together easier.  I will be mega pissed if it still doesn't work.

So, it's going to be a fairly quiet day.

The only photo I have for today (so far) is of April and her baby boy (as yet un-named):

ABOVE:  They are both doing so well.. it's lovely to see.  I will be sad when the live feed stops and I can no longer watch them.

Sheesh, I might have to go out to the Hamilton Zoo more often just to look at OUR giraffes... and of course the Rhinos.

Cos I really love rhinos too.


Oh wow, forgot to come back and update till now.
So.. I have managed to sew up one and a half rows of the rag quilt, and ... the thick seams can be sewn together!  I'm so relieved.
Now I can get on with joining all the blocks and get it done.  I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the weekend!

THEN I have to get on with making the photo boards for my Mum's party.

Stew and the kids really enjoyed the movie they went to see, The Fate of the Furious.
They got home just in time for dinner.
Sausaged on the BBQ with onions 'n' cheese on bread.  Nice and simple tonight.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Orla, a giraffe at Chester zoo, also gave birth this month and birth can be seen at Love the painted gate and hope the sewing works out.
    Em London

  2. Not sure if this helps and you might already know or have done this already, but I have read somewhere that when you keep the 'batting' square smaller, you only have to deal with top & back fabric and reduce bulk. That 'batting' squre would have to be 1/2" smaller if you're seams are always accurate, or a little smalle again if you're a bit more generous with your seams :) To ensure the sandwiched blocks doen't shift I sewed two diagonal lines across mine, lika a massive X:)

  3. Did you read that one of the Auckland giraffes died the other day. She was about 19 years old and got sick. They only have three giraffes now.

    1. Zabulu was the father of 15 calves and was 19 years old, very sad that he died. The Auckland Zoo also lost a newborn twin baby boy calf last summer too. so sad considering how very rare giraffe twins are.

    2. OH I forgot to mention... there are 5? (at least) boy giraffes at the Hamilton Zoo that were bred in the Auckland Zoo!

  4. Check out Monarto Zoo website/Facebook (Adelaide, Australia).. a baby giraffe was born last week and caught on video.


  5. What a lovely mum son photo.....hope everyone had a great family day.

  6. Adorable picture. Mom is quite protective of the little guy. She kicked the vet who was trying to get a look at him.


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