Monday, April 03, 2017


Last night I spent some time scooping the pulp out of all the feijoas from our tree, and today I am going to back a feijoa cake or two.

Kelly has made us some before, and they are delicious.  You just use a banana cake recipe, and replace the banana with feijoa apparently.

So that will take care of this morning.

After lunch I shall be picking Keera up early from Kindy, then Brylee from School, and we will be heading into Hamilton.
Brylee has her cat scan today!  I doubt she's looking forward to it, they have to inject a dye into her shoulder to see if the dislocation(s) have done any damage to her shoulder/ligaments/bones.

If there is no damage, all will be left as is, and we will hope that as she matures her ligaments will firm up enough to stop any more dislocations.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome.  

And that's it, I'll be back later with more of my day.


ABOVE:  Baking with... APRIL.

Hey, I have about a cup full of feijoa pulp leftover, who reckons I can use it in the icing?  Anyone have any idea how to make a 'feijoa icing'???

Well... everything went well with Brylee's scan.  The injection into her shoulder hurt like hell, but she was a real trooper about it.
We now wait for the follow up appointment.

Home now, and I've got chicken in the oven and I just iced one of the feijoa cakes.

I used a Orange Butter icing recipe, and just replaced the orange and peel with the feijoa pulp.  It looks ok:

ABOVE:  I feel like a real housewife!  I baked cakes.  hee hee.
The 2nd one is going in the freezer.

Apart from baking today, and taking the kid into Hamilton for her scan, I spent 4 hours SOLID, moving furniture!

I decided to put the dining table back in the family room!  I know, I know, I just put it in the lounge!

But it felt wrong there.  So I moved all the furniture forward in the family room so I could put the table back.

And I had to unload the Britto cabinet and move it all into the lounge.  Bloody hell... why do I do this to myself?

I hope I don't change my mind in 3 months! 

It's now 10.45 pm and I think I've finished fluffing around with the lounge and family rooms!

There will always be something I want to change of course, which makes life interesting  *smiles*
Stew is happy with the 'changes', even though things are actually just back the way they were a few months ago.  Derrr.

Personally, I think he's just bloody relieved he didn't have to do it all himself.  

I'm off to bed shortly.  April is just waking up over in New York State... the tart is STILL pregnant!  I tell ya, I am so over watching her!

I bet I wake up every hour on the hour to check on her tonight, just like every night for the past 5 BLOODY WEEKS!


  1. I love Feijoa cake!!!
    This is the recipe I make. Uber yum!
    Did you know you can freeze feijoa pulp to make cakes later.

    1. That is the Edmonds Banana cake recipe, word for word! I'm now off to make one!

    2. Perfect 😄 it's super yummy with the lemon icing

  2. I've never seen a feijoa fruit. I don't know why they don't import them here because we get most other fruits.
    I've had the dye injected CAT scans that Brylee is having in both shoulders-torn rotator cuffs. It's a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. Hope it's not too bad for her.
    And so we still wait for that damn giraffe!!!

  3. Where is that damn giraffe baby? Did you see they have a text alert system now. Pay $4.99 and you can get text alerts until the end of May.

  4. I am off to bed. April and Brylee updates will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope her arm is not damaged and she will outgrow this!

  5. Surplus Feijoa pulp + yoghurt and milk = yummy smoothie!!

  6. Fingers crossed for a good result for Brylee.

    The cakes look great (except I hate fejoa)

  7. I had a pet scan a long time ago when i was 22. The dye had to go thru my spine because the scan was on my right ear. The injection was the most painful thing i've ever endured. I was so dumb I went alone. No family support. A few men had to hold me down curled in a fetal position during the jab because they feared paralyzing me. (which the doc only told me right before the jab) I had to be warded for one day after the jab to prevent any movement. My results turned out negative for any bad stuff. I hope brylee's wasn't as bad as mine. And good luck with the results.

  8. Haha I am the same with moving furniture. It almost always ends up back in the same spot and I make myself crazy! Michelle from Sydney

  9. I don't buy into April the Giraffe she bluffing I reckon lol I'm determined not too watch I love feijoa anything.

  10. I recon you cold freeze the pulp for more cake baking. They look delicious!!!!


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