Monday, April 17, 2017


Today we are going to be doing a few odd jobs around the house.

Well.. Steve is!

He's going to repair a few minor holes in walls, caused by taking down existing shelves, gates and so on.

He's also hanging a gate back at the lounge doorway, to keep dogs out of there.

Once the gibstop stuff is set we will sand it and then I can paint.

I've not done any painting in this house!  Novel thought... painting!

Gawd I seem to end up re-painting every house we have ever owned!

At least this house doesn't need the outside to be painted!  It's brick.  Thank god.

I shall apologise in advance for the next photo collage...but I just couldn't help myself:

ABOVE:  It's Steve to a 'T'...he's always being grubby to poor Bex!

ABOVE:  One way to get the ball off the roof I suppose.

 ABOVE:  I made Keera a pretty pink, velvet sling last night.  She's still not using her arm.  I think we will have to take her back to the Dr for a full arm x-ray... the hospital only x-ray'd her forearm on Saturday night.

 ABOVE:  Bex baked us Banana/Feijoa cakes yesterday.  There's only one left now.  Of course.  *smiles*

Time to get moving...


It's a lovely, busy family day here. People are playing, yakking, baking, fixing walls, dodging showers, frizbee throwing, sewing!, and much more. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE days like this.

Russell and Ange popped out again too. So yep... nice ... no stress or tension.  

AND THAT WAS IN REFERENCE to no drama happening today like Keera ending up in hospital.  Don't read my blog and jump to conclusions, or try and twist shit around to suit yourself, because THAT causes stress and tension.

ABOVE:  I have spent most of today cutting out fabric for the back of this quilt/throw.  I'm hoping it will now be reversible... cos the fabric on the back is really nice too!

Now I have to start sewing it all ... OMG I hope the seams are not too thick this time.  There will be screams of frustration if they are!

Archie got hit in the head with the frizbee, so I held him and rocked him... and he went to sleep!  Awwwww ... so precious.  Now he's in his cot asleep.

Bex and Dante have gone to visit a friend in the area, so it's fairly quiet here right now!

Steve has finished putting gibstop on the walls... yaaa.  Tomorrow I will be able to prim and paint them all going well.

KEERA'S ARM:  We have observed some use of the arm this afternoon.  No massive movement, but movement that suggests maybe nothing is broken.  Time will tell... it's another day tomorrow.

Winding down for the day now.  Steve, Bex and the boys are heading home shortly, hopefully they don't hit too much traffic!  But they probably will.  


  1. Happy Easter Chris! Just wanted to let you know about something called a "toddler fracture" - Cooper had one in his leg last summer, and it doesn't show on xrays until it starts to heal. It's usually from a silly fall with a twisting motion involved. Might pay to google it/mention it to the Drs. All the best xx

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Bex is always so scruffy these days.

    1. Piss off you obnoxious troll. Bex is perfectly fine, she is dressed appropriately for looking after & playing with kids at home.

    2. Hahaha your so lovely hiding beind a no name dosnt say much about you and i couldn't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

    3. Seriously who gives a fuck. Bex is hanging out at home with family. Some families actually accept each other for who they are, not how well dressed they are. Obviously not your family! I feel a little sad for you if that's how you live your life.

    4. Thanks kittie444 💜💜

  3. I LOVE the sling you made for Keera. How thoughtful and kind! Bex and all the family look happy, healthy and BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Wow that's pink alright. There is alway jobs to do new or old house. Oh and anon you're nasty Hari Atu...

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Hey you Numpty are you the same twat from last week? Get some balls and say who you are FFS. George's Mum

  6. I'm not sure why the first reaction when someone leaves a comment that is not appreciated is that they're not using their actual name. What difference does that make? You probably don't know the person anyhow so that's why they're not using their name. When someone has a blog open to the entire world, comments of all sorts should be expected. To answer them with vulgar language just makes you look worse than the commenter.

    1. Anyone can use vulgar language. Owners of blogs...readers.... just because you put your name Cathy doesn't make it right to leave nasty comments....even with no swear words you can be a bitch 😉. And Chris and Bex are right...If people don't like it you can also piss off... I think more people should be like them.

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Cathy Callahan you're in the same boat as "anonymous" keep your comments to yourself unless you have something positive to contribute. George's Mum

  8. Oh darnit. Drama. Bex, you look FINE. I don't know what it is about the internet that makes people so mean sometimes. Honestly I don't use my real name online b/c i have had some dandy trolls, but Chris knows my real name and where I live even! :)

    ANYWAY I logged on to say could it be nursemaid's elbow? Because I sure hope so. That the doc can just pop back in place. Ridiculous their leaving the poor kiddo in this much pain though. Update when you get a sec.

  9. Safe travels Bex and Steve

  10. I missed what happened with her arm, catching up! Those banana breads look so delicious!

  11. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Love the sling! Cakes look delicious. I wish the trolls would go away! Bex, you are lovely!!


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