Saturday, April 01, 2017


The past few days we have not had wireless internet access at all.
My laptop is plugged directly into the modem, so I can't sit in my comfy lazyboy chair in the lounge.
It's a pain in the neck.

So, I've got 'Geeks on Wheels' coming to try and sort it out for us this morning.  
Fingers crossed they can get us up and running again.

Apart from that, there are no plans for the day.
I think I'd like us to go out somewhere nice, just get out of the house for a while.
We need it.  Blow some cobwebs away, get some smiles on the kids faces again.

It's APRIL the first.  Funny ha ha.  I bet that bloody giraffe April has her baby today.  


"Keera, what do you want for breakfast today?  Cereal or toast?"

"Grandma... how about you squash a banana on my toast... and put nutella on the top?"

ABOVE:  where did she get THAT idea from?  I've no idea!

Sorry I've been 'absent' all day.  Busy.
The 'geek' arrived and fixed out internet issues, I can now use the PC in my bedroom again, and sit in my own chair in the lounge with the laptop connected to wireless again.  Thank God, my neck and back were killing me from having to twist to see the TV.

After the internet guy left, we piled in the car and went into Hamilton for a nice lunch.

We ended up at The Foundation, at The Base. We have been there once before and found the food and service excellent.

After lunch Griffin got a haircut, then we went out to Wairere Nursery at Gordonton, where we got some hydrangea plants.

They are going to go where the lone fig tree is, which is getting cut down in... oh about an hour!

We hate figs.  End of story.  *smiles*

Much to the consternation of a few of our neighbours, this is what I did this afternoon:

ABOVE:  Before I attacked it...

ABOVE:  Now I shall have a blue and white Hydrangea corner.  

 ABOVE:  A very noisy Tui in my neighbour's tree.  Probably right pissed off with me for chopping down it's dinner.

So, a good job done this afternoon.  No more ikky figs.  NO one liked them.

Looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the tv and computer screen.  Watching April as often as possible now... she's due VERY SOON.

The live feed of April the Giraffe has gone down... and it's SO FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING!  What if she has the baby and we don't get to see it live after ALL THIS TIME WATCHING ???  OMG I will be so pissed!!!

Have to go to bed soon... but can't till the feed is up again!  Grrrrrrr.


  1. My laptop is similar to yours, wifi works when it wants to. Thankfully I have and ipadt that isn't so tempremental that I can use until my 'computer expert' son fixes it because I don't have any Ethernet cable to use to plug my laptop into the modem.

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Nice idea miss 4, sure looks good xx

  3. Hahah I have squashed bananas and peanut butter on toast!

  4. Perhaps it's a snack they make the kidlets at kindy?

    I had a banana & Nutella thai pancake last night so I'm a fan of that combo!

    1. The Kindy do not feed the children ... kids take their own food/snacks/lunch.

    2. Haha... shows it's been a long time since I was immersed in kindy ways!!

      Did Lil Miss K eat all her yummy toast?

  5. April is looking like she's getting closer... At least you have your computer fixed so it's on hand to watch :)

  6. If no one eats figs they are a messy tree! Stuff the neighbours, you can do what you want...

  7. Anonymous8:52 PM

    OMG Chris you have got me addicted to April :) Figs are so expensive here in Aussie, I don't like them either.
    Cheers Robyn from Aussie

  8. Oh yeah I love figs fresh roasted fig jam chutney yummmm gigs and yoghurt figs and ice cream. Oh well hydrangeas are nice too. I love banana and Nutella.


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