Thursday, April 27, 2017


Brylee starts physio today to strengthen up her shoulder muscles... in the hope that it helps stop her dislocating her shoulder again.

We are going to a local physio place, hope they are good.  

Keera is at Kindy this morning, so another few hours of quietness.  Love it.

I'm making a concentrated effort to work on the photo boards today.  I bought two numbers made out of what looks like cardboard from Spotlight yesterday, so want to paint them all pretty too.

Steve and Bex often send me photos of the boys.. which I really appreciate.  This was from last night:

ABOVE:  Both transfixed on the telly... same expression on their faces!  Wonder what they were watching?

Right... I'm off to start the day.  


11.55 am:  Well so far today, Brylee has been for her first physio appointment.  That went OK.  She's got a rubber band thingee to use at home to strengthen her shoulders.

I went and had my blood test... JUST a little late.  Last one I had was back in October I think!  WHOOPS.

Now.. on with the photo boards.

ABOVE:  Well... I just got the numbers done.  They look a bit like donuts!  Edible.  But not.  LOL

The 'bonus' of having an almost 5 year old always hanging around ya?  She's a a handy little GO-FER!   Go for this, get that...  she can even fetch a new bottle of diet coke from the fridge in the garage. SCORE.

I've started forming ideas for the boards... 

ABOVE:  Going for PRETTY.

Well... it's been a quiet evening here.  I made macaroni cheese with bacon and onion for dinner, it was very yum.

Then Coronation Street... it's getting very interesting.  Carla and Tracy on top of a cliff interesting!

Off to bed shortly.


  1. Haha they do look a bit like donuts. Maybe you should have done a blue background instead ! they look great Chris

    1. Why blue Dee? Cos I love blue? Me Mum loves pinks 'n' pretties. Though, as you will see, I do have a BLUE photo board!!! lol Couldn't help myself.

    2. You restrained your blue favouritism very well Chris. I thought your mum must have been more of a pink person.

  2. Dante and Archer look so grown up in that photo!!!

  3. The boards look great. The numbers look edible - hope nobody cuts a chunk off of them and plops it on a plate.

  4. Dante and Archer so alike very intense. I love those numbers, yes as kiddies get older they LOVE to help.

  5. Wow Chris! The '80' and photo boards are so pretty. I'm sure your Mum will love them!

  6. Wow, you are so talented! The cake looks great!

  7. The numbers look so pretty. I'm sure your mom will have a really nice party. I have to say your kitchen countertops are awesome. What a great space to lay the boards out. Most people would have to use the floor.

  8. Wow- you are doing such a wonderful job! The babies are beautiful - all of them and sure hope this helps Brylee!


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