Thursday, April 13, 2017


Technology and me are not friends.

I got a 'new' Fitbit from my girlfriend Chris D the other day, and for a couple of days it worked just fine.
Then yesterday, although the Fitbit itself was working, it wasn't syncing with my computer.  So, I couldn't check my numbers, steps, sleep and so on.

After mucking around with it for HOURS, I got it working and syncing on my phone, so at least I could check my numbers.

But it's still not working on my computer.  Grrrr.

Steve and Bex are due down sometime today, they are staying for Easter.  He reckons he can check it out and maybe get it working again.

I hope he can.  But. I have done everything the help line suggested?  *sigh*

Bloody technology!

The reason I really wanted to be able to check the numbers was because I wanted to work out if I could get it to 'track' my 'steps' while I was on my bike or exercycle.

And it does... as long as I secure it to my ankle!
I cut one of Keera's socks in half, and I use it to hold the Fitbit on my leg!  Works a treat, and is 100% accurate too.
Bang on the steps, and distance.  I'm rather chuffed with that.  Now it will track that exercise too.

The exercycle is in the lounge, so I can ride and watch the telly at the same time, that makes it less boring.  
It's too wet to get out on my 'real' bike right now sadly.

Today... well not much on really.  Kids have school, Keera is at kindy for the morning, and I'm expecting Bex and the boys sometime during the day.  Steve is coming after work... THAT will probably take him ten times longer than usual, knowing Auckland traffic!  Rather him than me.

Well... that's all for now... catch ya later.


BE CLEAR WHO YOU ARE HAVING A GO AT ON FACEBOOK... that's how misunderstandings happen.  
I've been mega upset for ages this morning, thanks to a post on facebook which I was CERTAIN was directed at me.  

Almost had a knee jerk reaction.. ALMOST.

ABOVE:  Kelly posted this cute photo of Rena today. She's saving butterflies from their dog ... I'd be saving them from the weather!

We have Cyclone Cook about to  hit... expecting massive amounts of rain.

Which is dreadful, cos the country has already been inundated with rain and floods the past week.

There is talk that if the winds get too strong our Auckland Harbour Bridge will have to be closed!  I don't think that has ever happened before!  Talk is, this storm will be the worst in 50 years!

And this is JUST BEFORE Easter!  Thousands of people will be on the roads heading away for the holiday.  

I worry about Steve and Bex coming down from Auckland!  Or them getting BACK on Monday!

Sadly, Mother Nature will do what it wants.

Well... it's been busy here this morning/afternoon.  Russell arrived for morning tea, then Bex and the boys arrived just before lunch, and Steve arrived at afternoon tea time.

Everyone got here safely, and in good time.
Steve took the afternoon off, so he got here before all the traffic built up coming out of Auckland.  Lucky!

I've got Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner tonight... not used this mix before so I hope it's nice. 

 ABOVE:  The latest soft toy Dante has to lug around the country... he has quite a collection!  Bex made it for him, a Spiderman Sheep.

 ABOVE:  The kids 'helping' me layout the polar fleece blocks.

 ABOVE:  Even Archer gave it a go...

 ABOVE:  Then his Dad got silly... and started throwing them all up in the air.   *sigh*

ABOVE:  lots of fun.  Yep. 

Right I better go and sort out dinner.... even though Steve is actually doing a very good job of cooking it himself.

Dinner was awesome, the evening has been neat.  Coronation Street has just finished and I'm going to bed.


  1. I keep my fitbit in my pants pocket all the time and get an accurate count no matter what I am doing. I found if I kept it on my wrist it didn't count if I was pushing a grocery cart or carrying something around the house or carrying something down the stairs,or had my purse on my bent arm. The only time I put it on my wrist is when I go to bed. Works for me!!

    1. Yeah good idea! I did heaps of grocery shopping yesterday, hand on trolley... didn't count my steps! Maybe I shall keep it on my ankle!

  2. I had a Fitbit and really liked it, except it wasn't waterproof. Also, riding my motorcycle gave me tons of staircases climbed. Did I mention it wasn't waterproof? I got a Garmin Vivoactive HR that is good to 5 atmospheres, (50 meters) and I like it quite well.
    On my Fitbit, I just re connected using my phone if it wouldn't sync. It only did it once after I first got it. Don't worry, you'll love it!!!! (PS the Garmin doesn't give me extra stairs when I ride my scooter)

    1. I do love it! It would be nice if it was waterproof cos we have heaps of rain right now!

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Looks like the local constabulary has attached that "ankle bracelet" haha George's Mum.

    1. HA HA! It would be rather funny if anyone thought I was covering up an ankle bracelet of the 'police' kind!!!

  4. I'm at Coromandel, about to be evacuated!!! There is no wind yet though which is odd, just rain.

    1. Safe trip out!

    2. No trip out - they just said to go to the fire station if the siren goes. I don't think it will... seems pretty good so far here. I shouldn't speak too soon of course.

  5. Weather ok up here so far... a LOT of panic though. Hopefully it's all for nothing though...

    1. Suppose better to be ready and prepared... even if it is premature and not necessary.

  6. O Chris, I hope that Cyclone does not cause you and yours any harm.

  7. Shopping done for the weekend, wine restocked, lotto bought, I can conceivably not have to leave the house for days - am slightly buggered if there's a powercut though, pretty hard to bbq in gale force winds :-)

    Stay safe, I hope Bex & Steve have good trips down.

  8. I'm so glad Steve and Bex have arrived safe and sound!! That's great to get out of Auckland early.

  9. Yay, glad everyone has arrived safely, have a great evening :-)

  10. Just tuned in to check the kids arrived safly from Auckland have an awesome weekend x

  11. Glad everyone has arrived safely. Happy Easter all x

  12. super cute pix!!! Have a great Easter xxx

  13. Good to see everyone arrived safe and sound. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Lovely photo of Rena, and all the other family members. It looks like you've all got an awesome weekend ahead of you. Have fun!

  15. Glad everyone arrived safely. Super cute photos. Enjoy Easter with your family how did the try not to buy too many Easter eggs go?

  16. Hope you don't blow away!


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