Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Today is ANZAC DAY.

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance

in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all

Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all

wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the

contribution and suffering of all those who have served".

ABOVE: Stew's Dad served in a Scottish Regiment in Christchurch during WW2. He served overseas and came home injured. He never wanted to talk about it. Stew believes he did not feel good about what he had to do during the war, hence his silence.

War is horrible. It is sad that so many people die over religion/politics/land and other conflicts.

I hope nothing and no one causes another world war! Trump worries me I must admit!

Onto something nicer now.

I'm going to suggest we go on a little drive to Tirau and browse the shops there again. It's such a lovely little town, and well... I really do like several shops there!

I'm sure we can find a nice playground for Keera ... and somewhere nice for lunch too.


I put it to the teenagers that they could opt to stay at home if they didn't want to come with us to Tirau... and shock!  They both want to come!  Wonder if that's their bellies dictating their choices?  lol

I've just had brunch... Special K.  Never had it before, it wasn't  half bad.  I'm eating late so I don't get tempted with poor choices at lunchtime.  I will probably only have a DC and salad.

HA HA HA!  A salad???   *snort*
We got there, I looked at the menu and ordered a burger and fries.. yes I did!

We went to an eatery we had been to before, cos last time it was awesome.

Man were they busy!  There was a constant stream of people coming in and ordering meals... ours took about half an hour to arrive.  But it was worth the wait:

 ABOVE:  Stew and Griffin ordered a thickshake, and they came in these cute little jugs.

 ABOVE:  Griffin, Stew and I ordered their Chevy Burger and curly fries.  OMG amazing things they are... so tasty!  I cut mine up and shared it with Keera.  She never eats a full meal, even a kiddy meal, so nowdays I just give her some of mine.

 ABOVE:  Brylee is very predictable, she orders a pancake stack most times we are out.  She got the 'kiddy' size meal today.  

After lunch, we did the 'wander up and down' the main street... and while I saw a few things that took my eye, I only bought one thing:

ABOVE:  There will be no guessing what's for dinner now... I'm going to write it up on the daily board!  It should help with the 3 pm crunch, when ya have to stop and think "What shall I cook for dinner?".  *smiles*

It has cute little hooks on the bottom too.. no idea what I shall use them for.  ANY IDEAS???

Now we are home, blobbing out till it's time to sort out getting the washing in, getting dinner on.. bla bla bla.

Winding down for the day, we are watching The Missing.  Stew and I have already started to put the pieces together.  It's slow going though.


  1. Your meals looks delicious! The jug was a novel way to serve Griffin's thickshake - I haven't seen them served in a jug before. I love the little menu boards. Maybe the hooks are for the recipes, or notes on ingredients you need to buy - or maybe to add a name like on a roster of who has to cook it??

  2. Oh my how grown up Griffin is getting looking fine young man

  3. I love the weekly planner, I saw that when we were in Tirau. You could use the hooks for keys.

  4. Wow awesome burger and fries we had fish n chips for lunch at beach then nachos for dinner a lovely day.

  5. First thing I thought of when I saw that sign is like school clothes for each day of the week.

  6. Anonymous5:50 AM

    That burger and fries looks delicious and also those pancakes but I was wondering what was served with them was it yogurt? By the way, Trump is dangerous! Marianne in Orlando, Florida

  7. What about hanging some decorative pot holders on the hooks. Or use it for keys?

  8. maybe you could be creative and make a lil sock for the kids and put something in it for them like an inspiring quote each day, or a note, or money if they do their chores.. lol


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