Friday, April 28, 2017


ABOVE:  Damn and blast it... today I have a mammogram appointment at Waikato Breastcare.

I'm hoping like hell they have the new machines, they don't hurt anywhere near as bad as the older versions.

A necessary evil are mammograms.  I hope like hell I don't get a call back like last time!  That was freakin' scary as.

Before I go into Hamilton for that, I will be taking Keera to Kindy for half the day, then she will stay home with Brylee and Griffin in the afternoon.

I am going to work on the photo boards again this morning, and also sort out what else I need to get.

An attendance book for one thing.  I've got a list of other bits 'n' bobs.  Not that long now till it's PARTY DAY, so I need to pull finger and get it all sorted.

I will be rather glad once it's all over to be honest.  There has been quite a bit to organise.  
I can't get over how many people don't RSVP!  Now I have to ring around everyone who hasn't replied.  Such a pain.  And more time wasted.  Grrrrr.

I hope my Mum has a great day, all this work and hassle will be worth it if she does.  And I reckon she will have an awesome day, catching up with 7 or 8 of her siblings and lots of old friends and family. 

OK... I better go and get miss Keera ready for kindy, and get some washing on... cos housework never sleeps!  


TICK TOCK... TICK TOCK... and then my day went to shit.

Heading out soon to get Keera, then head into town.  Mind is spinning with what if's right now... not happy with someone's situation right now, kinda in a corner of their own making. 

 Not the best or happiest few hours today.  Drama and stress I could do without.  
I was stressed enough with having to do get a mammogram!

Talking of which... it hurt like hell because I simply could not relax.  The technician kept saying "Relax!"  but I couldn't.  So it hurt more than it should have.

By the time I got home from that, the on going situation had gone from my house.  I hope they sort it out themselves or just let it go.  Either way, I am backing out.  I should have said 'GO AWAY' from the get go.  

We cannot sort out other people's problems all the time, and certainly not those sort of problems.  There are professionals who do that.

How about some really lovely news?
My niece in Australia, the daughter of my sister, just had her second baby.

Baby is a wee girl.  5 pounds, and with lovely red hair, just like her Mum.  No name yet.  
I can't wait to see photos of her!

Such a lovely way to wind up this shitty day.

I've had enough of today... off to bed!


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    That shits me to tears about people not RSVPing. You should not have to chase them up! They are just lazy inconsiderate so and so's. I usually announce somewhere (facebook or mass text) that no replies mean no shows and that usually makes some of them say something lol

  2. Oh no, hope everything is okay! J

  3. Yip after invited FB TEXTS. But hard to cater to numbers etc hope your afternoon picked up oh and prior to your mum coming so no one derails the event turn your phone off all that should be there will be there. Oh AND NO FB. If possible 😀

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Let me guess...Lacy is pregnant again?

    1. So what if she is none of your business, I'm pretty sure you just like coming on here to get a bite. And you are the same person that complains about Lacy every chance you get.

  5. Hope all turns out fine, just remember you can't change other peoples decisions, just be there with hugs when required.

  6. Your niece is just gorgeous ... and doesn't Brylee look like her? Congrats on the happy news.

  7. Before I started reading, I thought the machine in the first picture was a juice machine in your kitchen.
    Sorry it didn't go well, next time, maybe they'll have the new kind. My wife had the new kind last time.
    Congrats on a new Grand Niece!

  8. Congrats to the newest member of the family. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.


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