Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Today will be a blah sorta day.

Kids to school/kindy... take Brylee to her follow up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

Then grocery shopping.
Kill me now.

I will have to try very hard not to buy any Easter Eggs!

And that's about it for now.

I went to Weight Watchers last night, gained .6oo grams.  Not surprised.  Must do better.


Good news on the Brylee front.  No surgery as it can/could cause more problems.  So for now she has to attend physio and build up the muscles around her shoulders.  This will help strengthen her ligaments and hopefully stop dislocations from happening.

It might take a while.

Grocery shopping went well, it helps having a teenager tagging along to do some of the lifting!
Once we got home we spent a good half hour unpacking it all.  Then we had a late lunch.

I got some of these:

ABOVE:  Weight Watcher snacks.  And I've got some Weight Watcher meals in the freezer too.
I'm going to substitute 'regular' food for WW food for a while and see how it goes.

It's a bit like doing Jenny Craig, where you only eat 'their' food, but without the cost.  I simply can't afford to go to Jenny Craig.

Chris D is doing Jenny Craig and is doing so well!  And a couple of other friends of ours have done Jenny Craig recently and both have lost all their weight.

So...fingers crossed I can stick to it for a while and get some decent results.

I got a text alert from Animal Adventure Park, about April.  I immediately thought she had gone into labor and shrieked with joy!!!!  But NO.  It was just some photos and a little video of Oliver in the yard.  *sigh*
I am so over watching her, but  I ... CAN'T ... STOP.

Dinner tonight was shepards pie, using left over spag bol mince from Sunday night.  Family enjoyed it.

I'm going to sign off now... and try to get to bed a bit early again tonight.


  1. You are addicted to this bloody giraffe - the withdrawls will be terrible once she has had the baby :-).

    Good news that Brylee won't need surgery.

  2. Great news about Brylee!
    Sorry about your obsession with the giraffe but it is a little funny!!

    1. Glad I am amusing you. *smiles*

  3. ha ha ha! I don't get the April thing! I don't! I figure animals have babies all the time, lemme know when it happens, right?

    I do hope Brylee is better very soon. I would hate to see this keep her from sports and things she loves to do.

    1. It's like watching a soap opera, you get hooked on something and want to see it through to the end. I will lose interest once baby is born ... I HOPE!
      She will have to cut back on any sport that involves hyper extension of her arm (s). Like throwing a ball! Swimming! and so on.

  4. Been scrolling as I've been away... is Stew's horrid rash gone yet?? How is he now?

    1. He still has the rash, it spread a bit more. It's terribly itchy. He's a bit grumpy about it now. But very relieved it's not shingles. Just don't know what caused it.

  5. Sorry Chris and Stew I just read your comment about Stew rash I had to laugh. I can't imagine much sleep happening u with your hot flashes and Stew rash. Naughty of me to laugh at your expense.

  6. That's a relief re shoulder. Make hand painted eggs as a choc free hunt but ONE. Egg each at end? April April April sheesh it be May soon 😂

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Yes, Jenny craig is really good..I joined and lost 14 kilos a couple of years ago, my thought was "can I afford not to do it for my health" just not having one takeaway meal a week for the family pays for half of the food for a week anyway...they have a special on at the moment..also it is cheaper to go as far as the meeting cost...even just do it for the special lose the 12 kilos and then keep going to weight watchers.. it was the best thing I did for my health..


  8. Good to hear no surgery is required for the shoulder. I'm fed up of watching that Giraffe too. Keep strong, next week will be better.

  9. I keep wondering if she's going to have a stillborn or something (the giraffe)

    Those packaged things are handy but usually so many calories. I was shocked when I started keeping track when I was being good oh so long ago. Of course now I have to start all over again.


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