Saturday, April 22, 2017


Well... I didn't get that much sewing done yesterday, but I'm happy with what I did do:

ABOVE:  Three rows done, seven to go.  All going well I will get a few more done today.

 Archer... caught red handed...


How freakin' cute is that?  He's a little darling, when he's not being really, really noisy, or busy, busy, busy!  He doesn't have a nap nowdays, so he's full on.

Steve is working in Ngaruawahia today, and Bex and all three little kids are going to a Baby Shower at the same place Steve's working at.  So it should be quiet for a few hours this morning.

I don't know if Stew has any plans for the day... but I'm sewing until something 'better' comes along.


Best laid plans... I got one row sewn up, then had to stop cos we have visitors popping in soon from Tauranga.  An Aunt and Uncle.

So I thought I really should wash the floors!  Little kids and sticky shit... floors never stay clean for long do they?  And I'm too house proud to have grotty looking floors for long they got washed and I did a general tidy up.

Now just waiting for said visitors...

8.30 am today the Giraffe Live Feed went down for good.  I had a little tear!  I will miss watching them on/off during the day.  But they have assured all of us that they will do updates/photos and so on regularly, so I can still see how the giraffe family is doing, and find out what they name the baby.

I might have had a little whinge about the windows and eaves being a bit dirty ...

ABOVE: So yeah... now Stew is washing them.  I feel a little bit guilty, but not much.  There is NO WAY I can do it!  Well, not the eaves anyway.

So the rest of the day was OK.  Everyone came home from Ngaruawahia, Stew cooked an amazing roast pork dinner and now it's quiet and peaceful.
The little kids are all asleep, everyone else is watching TV or playing some sort of XBox or Playstation game.

I'm trying not to fall asleep in my chair!  I'm so tired, no idea why.

Sure won't be long out of bed tonight, that's for sure.


  1. It's going to be gorgeous Chris. I found the best scissors to snip the seams with were Fiskars with long pointed blades. They were sharp right to the tips but you only need to snip a quarter inch. Myra made a couple of these with flannel fabrics and I made one for an engagement many years ago.

  2. Archer reminds me of my youngest son who was always helping me with the dusting! Mind you he's 27 now and it continues. His house is immaculate! Teach them young I say hahahahaha!

  3. Awww Archer is sooo cute!!

  4. Ha I have a photo of Samuel in nanas fridge wiping it out at 18months like sitting in it inside it. I too have had a lovely family day..


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