Monday, December 01, 2014


This is Mandy, a good friend of Bex's who lives in Invercargill:

ABOVE:  Mandy.  One tinny tart!
She won a car without even knowing she'd entered the competition!!!
She booked to view a boxing match on SKY TV, and she won a car!
Talk about tinny. 

So, she flew up from Invercargill last night and is staying with us for a couple of days.

So, Bex, Dante and her are off to do the 'CAR THING' today... then shopping I think.

Me... well I'm going to do some housework, then catch the bus to Manukau, then walk to the Hospice shop.  Afterwards I shall walk/bus home again.  Oh yaaa.

Right, that's all for now... catch ya later.


Well... I had virtually no sleep before about 4am this morning.  Coughing.  Snot.  Phlegm.  And reflux!  OMG I knew I shouldn't have had that dessert! Might not do that again.

It's tempting to not go to Hospice today, but I know if I don't that will be two Monday's in a row I will be missing, and the boss needs me!

So, I will still be going.  I'm going to dose myself up on Panadol and cross me fingers I last the distance.  *smiles*

The girls have left for the car yard, I hope they find it easily.  Mandy was really nervous... but I'm sure everything will be fine.

Home from Hospice early today. It was FREEZING in the shop today, there was a cold wind blasting through the front doors.  Brrrr.
I bought a shirt for Griffin and a book for Dante.  I'm getting much better with my 'DON'T buy stuff' resolve!

Bex is cooking Chicken and rice for dinner... can't wait, I'm quite hungry.

The girls did the car thing, and Mandy sold the car today, so she can fly home tomorrow.  

Is it very quiet in blog land, or is it just me being boring as shit?

ABOVE:  Bex got Mandy to help her cook dinner.  Mandy got the shit job of peeling and cutting up the onions.  

End of Day:  a long day, still feeling like shit, so have made a Doctor's appointment for Thursday.  Hopefully she can do something about my persistent cough and chest issues.
nite nite


  1. Wow cool prize lucky alright, hope you feel better this afternoon. 24 sleeps to Christmas.

  2. Aye wat sort of car was it. .....and to have sold it the same day . Did she gave no use for it......why she not drive it home.....

  3. How cool I wish I'd win a car :)


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