Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today Steve, Bex, Dante and I go to the radiology clinic and we get to see their Baby # 2.... and all going well we will find out if baby is a girl or a boy.

They have chosen to not announce the baby's gender at this point... but the baby's grandparents (me, Stew and Bex's Mum) will know.  Exciting!!!

We can't wait to see him/her again.

I have a little list of things to do once the scan is done.  One is to make an appointment to see the Diabetes Nurse, I want to find out my latest blood test results and get a 'script for me meds.

I'm still coughing.... in case ya wondering.  I do believe I will be having a chest X-ray in the next week or two.  

I've decided to buy a laptop .... one that I can work on at night in the lounge, and also take away with me on my little 'escapes' from the family.  *smiles*

So, I might just do some looking around at the possibilities today or tomorrow.  

I thought of getting a tablet, but Steve thinks I will find it really annoying to type on a tablet.  I suppose avoiding things that have the potential to annoy me is a good idea.  Yeah... it is.  I'm crabby enough!

My only other big thing to do this week is start wrapping presents for Christmas.
Who else HATES wrapping presents?

I am soooooo not looking forward to it.


While at Anne's on Sunday night, she brought out of her cabinet this gorgeous cupcake to show us:

 ABOVE:  so yummy looking.  ONLY, it's not really an edible cupcake.  It's made of soap!
Anyway...  one of her grandsons must have thought it was a real one cos....

 ABOVE:  ONE of them has tried to take a bite out of it!  I bet it was a real disappointment to whoever did sneak a bite.   lol

ABOVE:  waiting on our dining room table when I got home last night.  Awwww.  I've got such a lovely hubby.  

Right, time to get ready for the day... I'm so excited to see grandbaby #13 again.  He/She is going to be so much bigger than last time.


Well... I've spent a few hours out and about.  The scan went well... all is at it should be with baby.  Nice healthy looking bubba.

ABOVE:  Dante looked so adorable sitting there on his own while Steve and Bex sorted out the DVD of the scan.

ABOVE:  I have missed this darling wee man.

After the scan I went to Warehouse Stationary and bought a few things for Xmas:

ABOVE:  I have decided to put everyone's present(s) in boxes.  And I've co-ordinated all the wrapping paper this year too.  I think I've got enough!  lol.

As I was leaving the shop I spied a small stack of craft desks on sale.  I've had me eye on a really nice craft desk (for cards etc) for FOREVER, so to see them reduced to half price was just too much for me and I had to get one: 

ABOVE: I am very happy with it, and even if it stays in it's box for a year until I have room for it, so be it.  HALF PRICE People!  HALF PRICE!

I am now going to have a break, watch some mindless TV and chill out till I have to go up to the school for Griffin's prizegiving/end of year assembly.

So I just spent over an hour and a half stuck in a stinking hot school hall with hundreds of other parents, kids and teachers listening to endless speeches, awards etc and now I'm home all hot and head achy. Such fun.  NOT.

But, I suppose I should feel good for even going?  Griffin didn't get an award for anything, but then we weren't expecting any.

I've chosen not to cook dinner tonight, I'm too tired to be honest.  My cough (5 months long now) has literally sucked all my energy and I just feel like sleeping by this time of the day.

First thing tomorrow I am going to the Dr, one to get my blood test results and top up on me medications, and two to see if I can get that chest x-ray sooner, rather than later.

End of Day:  an eventful day, with a delightful little reveal.  I am allowed to spill on baby's gender tomorrow... so pop in and find out.
nite nite


  1. I know I said the cough goes on forever but I didn't want the whole damn lot back again. Bronchitis, twice in one year! So over it. Have a great day.

  2. Love the cupcake story :-). Good luck for the scan, very exciting to see bubs.

  3. Lovely flowers, Dante looks so grown up dare I say he needs another haircut! You are such a tin bum bargain shopper well done.

  4. Yes, do go and get an x-ray. Sooner rather than later.

    I too hate wrapping presents - hate it with a passion!! I need to do a few more but it always gives me a sore back and I get very grumpy.

  5. I had Siobhan's prizegiving today too, luckily she actually did get awards, for effort :-).

    We always leave present wrapping until Christmas Eve, we have a couple of wines and get stuck into it. Problem is that this was fine when the kids were young & in bed asleep by 7-7.30. Now it is insanely later and more wine had been consumed than should be prior to wielding scissors, sticky tape & metres of paper.

  6. Good idea to get the x-ray done sooner - 5 months is a long time.

  7. Hi there lovely.... I was wondering if it is a side effect from any medication you might be taking. One of the ladies from Weighbridge has a bed cough and has had it for months and months and it is from medication for thyroid of blood pressure or something like that or maybe even high cholesterol. I will try to remember to ask her tomorrow night. just one of the side effects from the drug so she just has to deal with it. Fingers crossed it is something fixable easily for you.

  8. It reminds me of an episode of "The Monkees", where Peter's dad was visiting, and they gave him a plastic steak.

  9. Glad to hear all is well with the new baby. Sorry to hear you've been feel sick. Good to hear you got away for a couple of days on your own and had some fun. Hope you get the cough sorted out and are feeling better soon.

  10. That's way too long to be coughing! I hope you can get the xray soon.

  11. Tracy, and anyone else reading - we had the problem re wine consumption and Christmas Eve wrapping. My presents (stocking fillers, so not a big deal) became presents with a square of wrapping paper taped to them. Not the same as unwrapping lots of presents but it is one way around it! Doesn't work for them all though, and I like putting some effort into wrapping.

    Great news on the baby boy, S&B! And that the baby is well.

    Chris, I agree, chest x-ray now rather than later. Hope you have had or are having it done as I type...

    Good luck, Penny xo

    PS: Desk looks very cool. One day. I don't do enough craft and technical drawing to justify it, but I can see it would be very useful. Enjoy!


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