Monday, December 15, 2014


And no, I'm not on Twitter.
I'm talking about what Griffin found yesterday...

 ABOVE:  right beside our side path, in the fork of our two palms is a bird's nest, with BABIES in it!  How cool is that?  You can see them without even standing on anything, they are right in your face.
I hope the kids can keep their distance long enough for the fledglings to fly off.
Isn't it an awesome looking nest too?  Such detail has gone into it, I'm impressed.

I needed to trim around Tallulah's eyes last night.  My god what a mission.  She fought me for about half an hour, then I had to get really angry with her.  She bit me!
And the scissors.

But in the end I won.  I had to win.  If she had made me stop she would have been even harder to groom next time.

I had the same fight with Coco when she was a puppy.
ABOVE:  I haven't finished with her yet, but it will have to wait. 

Today I'm going down to J B Hi Fi to ask for some advice on how to download photos and then find them again on my new laptop.  It's proving to be a right pain in the butt.

Then after lunch I have Hospice Shop duty.  I will take Brylee with me so she doesn't bother Bex all afternoon.


Sad.  I looked out the window at the nest in the tree to see it had been tipped over.  Two baby birds dead on the ground.  So sad.  Bound to be the work of a cat.  Silly mother bird building her nest so very close to the ground.

But, that's nature for you.  

Bex and Dante just left to go swimming with a friend, and I've got the first of probably 4 loads of washing on.
Our washing machine needs a new inlet valve apparently, Steve is working on it for us.  In the meantime, it's being filled with water from the garden hose.  Tedious, but better than waiting for it to fill itself, which was taking over 5 hours!'s 10.45, I'm still in me pyjamas... cos I've been busy doing some housework.  Washing mostly.  And this:

ABOVE: That new fence has come in rather handy I must say.  Rather pleased with this idea.

Now I might actually get dressed and do a few other things.

Hospice was rather busy today!  It was such fun.  I got some awesome treasure:

 ABOVE:  A brand new photo frame, House Rules hook thingee, an amazing glass bowl that shines blue in certain light/angles and  a cute wooden box.

 ABOVE:  A near brand new frying pan, set of three glasses with shell on them (perfect for sand and tea light candles) and three melamine trays, Bex is having the two with orange flowers on them.  I'm not a fan of orange, whereas she is.

ABOVE: Cyclists/runners etc use these, but I'm going to use it for water for the dogs when we are out walking.  And it's got a little pocket for the car keys too, so freakin' cool!

All of the above cost me $15!  How cool is that???  You just can't beat Hospice prices.  I may be a 'shopaholic'.... but I do know how to get a bargin sometimes.  *smiles*

I was tempted to never post my purchases on my blog ever again after the nasty ANON comment the other day... but I then decided that NO ONE is going stop me blogging how I want to.  So... there ya go.  TREASURE shared.

End of day:  well I must say it was a good day, even though it started out a bit sad.
Our visitor Jacqui got bamboozled by the motorway shutdowns on her way home tonight, poor Chick!
I bet she's so glad to be living in Tauranga now!
nite nite


  1. :-) Poor birds.

    I'm just catching up. You have been one very busy lady. But I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the photo of your fireplace with the countless stocking hung with care. That screams love and family to me.

    xo jj

  2. Love the fence idea....

  3. When I first got my shih tzu pup, I had it at a puppy class. A groomer friend of mine happened to be there. She picked my pup up and gently held onto his beard. The hair under his chin. Pup immediately struggled and yapped and whined and made a scene as though being tortured. She held him by the beard until he settled (a minute or so) then praised him and set him down. She told me I had to do this often untill pup got used to it. Now I hold his beard any time I have to groom his face and he is just fine, well, still doesn't like it - but I can trim his face without losing an eyeball. So that's a good thing.

  4. Yep, that's what I do too... only Tallulah hasn't got used to it yet! She still fights, but she will settle eventually.

  5. Wow that Nathan fuelbelt was a find! They are not cheap :) I love mine as it doesn't jiggle when I run.... the other stuff is great too

  6. Love your treasures. You do get some bargains.

  7. Keep posting your shopping treasures!! I'm a shopaholic too, and I love seeing what you buy and what you plan to do with it!!

  8. I like seeing your treasures so ignore someone who can't even use an actual name.

  9. I remember once a bird built a nest on the outside windowsill at work, she laid her eggs, I watched as they they hatched and she fed them. One day they were gone and I saw them sitting on a tree near the window. Then they flew away. But it all happened about one meter from where I sat all day at work.

    Why do you have so many bins to dry?

    I like the sign/keyhanger.

  10. That Nathan's pack is worth way more than you paid for the whole lot!

  11. How cute those chicks will be, I bet that many bins cause a heal of washing!! What a score you got all for $15 amazing.


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