Thursday, December 18, 2014


Yesterday afternoon I took a nap with the girls:

ABOVE: Awww they loves me.  Coco usually lies behind my knees, but this time... nope... right on top of me.  Tallulah was like a typical toddler, wriggling all the time.  

ABOVE: Today's mission is to remove that drawer front, sand it back to wood and paint it.  If it looks OK, I'm going to do the same with all the cupboard fronts. 

These cupboards have a melamine sheeting stuck on the particle board doors, and in lots of places it's lifting.  So, hopefully I can remove it all and paint over the doors instead.  The trick is getting a paint the same shade, or very similar to the cupboard frames.

Fingers crossed I can get a good match.  Or it's on to Plan B... which hasn't been thought of yet!

Oh and... I want to find the cupboard door that's missing!  We took it off to fit the new Microwave in months ago, but now I've moved the microwave onto the bench and put the coffee machine in the gap.  Stew thinks it's up in the garden shed of all places.  

I'll send Griffin up to look for it later... though that might not work.  He's a BOY.  He can't find anything even if it's right in front of his face.  *sigh*  

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.


First coat (primer) is on that drawer.  Waiting for paint to dry...  always takes SO LONG.

In the meantime, we've done a good deal of housework... and now I'm about to have lunch.  I leave you with this:

ABOVE:  I may live to regret buying this.


Man there's some haters out there!  I sometimes think certain people troll my blog just looking for something to be nasty about... seems anything will do, even how I talk to Bex!  Unless you live here, and know how Bex and I actually 'get on', you have no right to draw your own assumptions.  Once again, someone with a nasty attitude, who has shown they are the person with the problem, NOT ME.

End of Day:  So a good day, got a few jobs done around the house and tomorrow I will finish painting that drawer for the kitchen.  It's looking like a  very good match with the existing colour in the kitchen.
nite nite


  1. Or plan C, use a completely different color like you did it on purpose!

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I was going to say the same - Plan C could look very groovy.

    Kate 4444

  3. That looks like one cozy nap!
    xo jj

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    You can take a sample of the colour you want to a paint store and they scan it (or other Magic) and can mix up a colour for you to match. Doesn't cost anything extra. Liz

  5. Anonymous2:10 PM

    NIce napping!! Cant see the pic of what you may regret :-( Hope plan A turns out a winner :-)

  6. Grandma thought it was such a bargain for $1 that she couldnt leave it there, and rightly so ! Just so that Steve and Bex dont forget what a great Grandma you are they will need to take it with them to remind them of you psml.

    Of course I would loose the batteries overnight at some stage so it was 'broken.

  7. So, PLAN B. You can paint the doors a color that compliments the frames, rather than matches. Perhaps a shade of blue a few shades lighter or darker. Or another color altogether.

  8. Ohhhhh nice fire truck Grandma! You will all love it by Xmas day..... Stainless steel fronts surely the paint shops could match it surely?

  9. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Did you have to speak to Bex as if you are annoyed\peed off with her? That wasn't very nice Chris. After all, it was you that bought that engine for Dante not Bex!! The engine stays at your house!! NO MORE POXYING AROUND P-L-E-A-S-E!!

    1. I wan't annoyed or peed off with her. We were enjoying some friendly BANTER... we do it often and neither of us is being horrible to the other. Pull your head in, it's none of your business anyway.

    2. Well oh my goodness, someone didn't take their pills this morning. I'm not sure where you live, but here in New Zealand we have something called a sense of humour, you may be able to pick some up at your local supermarket, or possible at a novelty store. We here often joke, mess with and tease each other about things, and it is all in jest. It is sad that you seemingly lack the required personal traits to enjoy some playful banter, and i do hope you can grow as a person in the future. But I'm not a mean person, hence why I replied to this comment (as I figured someone replying to your comment would make you feel important and whole), so I wont tell you to fuck off, just that you need to learn to keep some opinions to yourself, especially when you don't know the dynamics and inner workings of a relationship.

      Kind regards,


  10. sure some people do jyst read the blog to stir. ....but wow having a go at my mum when you dont know there relationship. ...shame in you

  11. Hahaha After 1minute & 40 seconds I wanted to take to that thing with a sledgehammer!!!!!!

    Why is it that people with nasty snitty comments hide behind "Anonoymous", seriously, if you have something to say, put your name to it and enter into a reasonable discussion. FYI - I thought the banter between Bex & Chris was hilarious, exactly what I would have had with my Mum - heck even my Mother in Law.

    Steve - damn you have a way with words, can you please start your own blog, I am sure you have time, what with working and having a family and all :-).

    Chris ignore the trolls - that one clearly does not have fun interaction with other people and did not understand the context :-).

    Still think you had a moment of insanity buying that thing!!!!

  12. Ditto to Steve starting a blog - would be a good laugh :)

  13. I giggled all the way through the video, loved all the banter between you all but am really happy I don't have the "noisy" thing in my house :-) William is so not having one in his christmas or birthday stocking!!

    And Anonymous…pull ya head in!!

  14. christine5:52 AM

    OMG! That is sillyness! I watched the video to see what all the hubbub was about. You were simply joking about whose house the noisy toy gets to go to..... I can't believe anyone would get bent out of shape about that. Good grief.

  15. Have a wonderful weekend.Hopefully the cabinets come together.

  16. Anonymous1:49 PM

    OMG what were you thinking!!!! Hope the batteries go flat soon LOL :-)

  17. Anonymous1:52 PM

    PS missed the trolls - just read. ignore. Yes Steve should blog more often!! Maybe he can do a once a week guest post here :-)

  18. Anonymous3:21 AM

    That fire truck noise would drive me nuts!!! Marianne from Orlando.


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