Sunday, November 30, 2014


So, Today is going to be 'do some serious housework day'.

The kids don't know it yet, but they are going to be doing some too.

Most weeks I do the day  to day stuff, but there's some stuff that only gets done once in a blue moon.

Like cobwebs.  Dusting.  Polishing.  Crap like that.

We have cobwebs all over the house's exterior walls, particularly around the window corners.

I reckon some kid might just be getting the job of wiping them all off.  Might have to be Griffin, I can just hear Brylee's screams if a big spider were to come out of a creepy corner at her!

Come to think of it, it could easily be me screaming too!  Shit I hate spiders.

We are bloody lucky here in New Zealand that we don't have too many nasty spiders, and certainly not HUGE ones like in other countries.

So, that's what I want to be doing today.

Once I'm happy with our endeavours, we can stop and enjoy the rest of the day.

We are expecting Russell, his girlfriend and her son for the afternoon and dinner.
Hopefully I can get Stew to pop down to the supermarket to find us a good sized piece of pork belly!
If not, it will have to be something more hum drum for dinner.
They are bringing cheesecake for dessert... I hope they don't forget!

Right, I'm off to get a list drawn up of jobs!

Oh and... Dante has a cold and I am pretty sure I've caught it.  My throat is sore when swallowing and I feel like shit.  Yaaa.


OMG how do you stop a 14 year old from answering back ALL. THE. TIME.????   I am almost ready to throttle her.

Well.... we got most of the jobs done that I had on my list, then we went down to the local mall and got some shoes for Griffin.  They were an exchange as we got him some new one's 3 months ago and they were falling apart.
Can't say too many good things about No 1 Shoe Warehouse shoes.

Lunch at the mall, grabbed some meat for dinner, icecream for dessert and came home.

I'm feeling like death warmed up, so once I get the pork in the oven I'm going to have a nana nap.

Nana nap was short, but nice.
Russell and company arrived, and we all  had a lovely dinner of pork belly and veges, followed by cheesecake and ice cream.
Very nice.

ABOVE:  dinner time.  

End of Day:  a nice day... it's always nice to have family visit.  Hopefully they can come for Christmas day too.
nite nite


  1. Good luck with the 14 year old.....all I can say is that they grow up one day!! Not very helpful!! Had to do the spiders webs here recently, only came across one big spider...don't like them either, but more used to them now. had to fumigate the house recently as friend from NZ was here and she screams when she sees a spider!! Hope the cold doesn't settle in.

  2. Ignore the 14 year olds answers. Don't giver her the satisfaction of getting into a fight.

  3. Sounds like you have had semi productive day, teenagers the bane of nearly every household! I always said to my now 18 yr old, I don't talk to you in that manner please don't talk to me that way always only ANSWERED any question they had if the words please, thank you and your welcome accompanied their requests, I NEVER EVEN looked or acknlowedged there sighs hurmmmmpppffff stomps or huffs and puffs or rolling eyes. But there is only us 2 in the house NO AUDIENCE to play too.

  4. You have all these grown up children, so you already KNOW you are asking a rhetorical question when you ask whatever will shut them up! Good luck though. :)

  5. I hear ya. I tell myself the same thing every day. Today I'm going to get some serious work done!. Then... I dunno!
    Glad it's not Monday there anymore though!

  6. I finally learned the only way to not let my oldest "win" with the talking back was for me to just walk away. She can't keep bugging me if I don't keep participating :)

    Yum cheesecake my favorite!


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