Friday, December 26, 2014


We are going to the mall!!!

The kids and Stew will be off to spend Christmas money, while I go to Spotlight and take advantage of their 40% off sale on fabrics.

It's a good sale and I have some $$'s to spend thanks to Kelly and her friend Amanda giving me Spotlight gift vouchers! 

Following... a few photos I missed posting yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Rena and Keera in clothes I got them.  They both look adorable.

 ABOVE: These two clearly missed each other, and got on so well.  Darling wee bubs.

ABOVE: Tallulah playing with her bubble machine, and she's absolutely exhausted.  Dante got in on the act too of course.  Those two do everything together when it comes to playing.

I was looking at Steve and I just couldn't help but notice that as he ages he looks more and more like my youngest brother Vern.

 ABOVE:  On the left is Vern aged around 29, with Mike sitting on his knee.  On the right, Steve at 27 with his son Dante.  I can see a strong likeness, can you too?  Or am I just imagining it?  OH, and that's the same chair they are sitting in too!
AND... Steve has a cleft in his chin too... only ya can't see it in this photo.

Lastly for now, this darling little video of Tallulah and her bubbles:

Right, I'm off to put me face on and hit that sale!


We left bright and early for Sylvia Park.  So did 25,000 other people!

But, it wasn't busy at Spotlight when I got there, so that was awesome.
Stew and the kids walked over to the mall from Spotlight.
I found exactly what I wanted:

 ABOVE:  A stack of bright fabrics and ...

ABOVE:  A Tri-Memory Foam pillow.  

The kids got a few of the things they wanted, but still have money burning in their pockets.

I think we are going out again after lunch!

The traffic on the motorway is quite good, but OMG it's manic around the mall!  It took forever to get out on the main road when we were leaving.

People's tempers were getting frayed for sure.  

So, if you don't have to go out I say DON'T!

We went out again!

Brylee got some new lingerie and I kinda swapped my new sapphire earrings into diamond studs!

Stew did well with getting the sapphires, but they were just too dark for me.  I would have swapped for Ceylonese sapphires, but Stewart Dawson's didn't have any!  So... diamonds had to do!  *DO*  lol

 ABOVE: They are only teeny, but I love them.  Now I have to get me 2nd ear piercings re-done, cos they have closed over.  Not looking forward to that.

When we got home, Steve and Bex were busy making fruit sorbet's... in our new ice cream/sorbet maker.  

ABOVE: Strawberry sorbet ... yum.
I'm wondering if I can use 'fake' sugar to make mine? Equal? Stevia?   Anyone know?

So.  I had an early dinner.  Then at 8.20 pm Stew and I took the dogs (and me) for a walk.  We were out for 35 minutes and I'm totally knackered.  But pleased I did it and hopefully this is a positive start to my FINAL weight loss attempt.

End of Day:  well and EXCELLENT day!  I have felt great all day, and hopefully tomorrw will be the same.
nite nite


  1. Looks like you had a great day. There is a definite resemblance with Steve and Vern. Good luck at Spotlight-I can just imagine what it is going to be like. Hope you get some good bargains.

  2. Your day looked lovely. We had a lovely one here in the Manawatu. Yes - Steve does look like your brother Vern! And where did you get the bubble machine from, Gracie would love it!

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I thought you were going to say that was Stew, but Steve and Verne definitely look alike. Very handsome. We got a bubble machine too! So cute--go Tallulah!

  4. Tallulah is the funniest dog ever! I can;t believe it. She is a silly and fabulous girl. Try a small batch of "sugar free" ice cream and see how it is. If it's nasty - just have the sugar kind!

  5. i prefer the taste of Stevia to equal not so artificial. Give it a go and see what you think it's the only way to find out. Add a little at a time and taste test as you go. I have found I prefer thinks less sweet now than I did two years ago

    1. I didn't get the robot word verification

  6. You shouldn't need much sweetener - the fruit should sweeten it quite a bit. Yes you can you any sweetener you choose.

  7. A belated Merry Christmas to you all. And a Happy New Year! PS: good going with the walk and reducing your sugar intake. I will be doing the same thing! xxxxx

  8. Gosh you did well to brave the crowds good on you my patience would have been sorely tested. There is a very strong resemblence between Steve and yr brother. Keera and Rena look beautiful I love the Tutu.

  9. You did very well braving the crowds at the malls .... I totally hibernated today. Well done also on the walk - I can very much relate to the back pain thing from walking (plus I get so puffed!). Glad you had a great day.

  10. That video is so cute! I love how Steve gets in and plays too.


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