Monday, December 22, 2014


Bex has got the crochet 'bug' real bad.
Last night in her infinite wisdom, she thought I might like her to make me this:

ABOVE:  Really?  Like.... can you really see me lugging one of the dogs over me shoulder like that?
I don't think so!  I'd look a right twit.  Maybe that's why Bex thought it would be a good idea?

Not gunna happen.  THANKS for the thought though Bex.  *smiles*  lol (pretty cool how she found a picture with a dog like ours eh?)

This morning Stew and I are off to do the grocery shopping, expecting to get just a 'bit more' than the usual of course.  Lots of salad stuff, dessert stuff, wine, lollies... you know, Christmas stuff.  
Hate to think what our grocery bill will be!

Oh well... Christmas only happens once a year so it's worth it.

I'm thrilled to say we are now having 15 for Christmas lunch.
4 of our 6 kids will be here.  I'm really happy about that.

After lunch I have my last shift of the year at the Hospice Shop.  Then tomorrow we are having a Christmas lunch at the shop, all of the volunteers will be there, so should be a nice time to catch up with those I don't see much of.

I wonder if I shall find any last minute treasure at the shop today? And also, I wonder if it will be busy?
You ain't gunna know... till I get home!  ha ha ha!


DONE!  And it was so quiet in the supermarket, we got around in record time.  I guessed cost @ $750, Stew guessed $760.  I won.  $749.  I often guess almost the exact right amount.  
Now Stew and Bex are putting it all away while I take a break before heading out to the Hospice Shop.

It's stinking hot today, and mega humid after all the rain we had the other day.  I loathe this weather, give me winter any day.

ABOVE:  wine for Xmas day.  I got the one in the middle cos.... well hell... it's BLUE!  lol

ABOVE:  Today's treasure, plus three mini Christmas cakes by a lady who makes them for the Hospice.  

It was BUSY in the shop this afternoon, so time flew by, just how I like it.

Now, time to sit back and relax for a while.

End of Day:  Well... I kinda relaxed for the rest of the evening!  It was nice though to just put one's feet up and do nothing.
nite nite


  1. OMG! I saw that EXACT same dog carrier years ago! I was thinking of making one for my Shih Tzu who was a therapy dog at the time. I thought I could just lug him around in that while people visit him. So cute! I think Bex should totally make one! absolutely! That would be outrageously darling!

  2. I would HATE to estimate the cost of your groceries! I get enough shock at the cost of mine and I'm not feeding as many as you.

  3. Holy crap that's a huge grocery bill but then again I normally do about $240 with three of us on an average week.

  4. That pooch pouch is hilarious! Nice that Stew and Bex are putting the groceries away.. that's the worst bit!

  5. Laughed at the dog carrier, would imagine that would be heavy/hot/itchy all in one... at least she didn't get the idea to crochet you some pants (I have only seen images online, and WOW they are uhmm ...crazy).

  6. Yeah nah to the dog carrier, you struck it lucky with crowds at supermarket well done, only 3 more sleeps... I got 5 mini cakes for friends wreath, tree, candles so pretty and cute..?..

  7. I saw a couple with a dog carrier like that at a party a few years ago, they were very..... "eccentric"

  8. It would be cool to see one for my dog that ways 80 pounds.

  9. Anonymous2:00 PM

    haha love the doggie bag :-) I like the oyster bay too!!!!!

  10. Snookie would probably love to be carried around like that. She likes to be attached to me at all times lol. Sometimes I carry her around a little bit and she loves it.


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