Sunday, December 14, 2014


Well.... it's been put off as long as possible, and today is the day.
The friggin tree goes up in the lounge.

That is, once Stew's gone up into the loft space and found it and the decorations!

I'm sure it won't be too hard to find.

 ABOVE:  a cute photo of Dante playing in a tunnel thingee he was given by a friend of Bex's at Playcentre the other day.  
Tallulah won't go in it, I wonder why?  lol

ABOVE: Last night's dinner, Stew did an awesome job of these chooks.  I love taking photos of chook's bums!  *smiles*

I'm now off to get some washing done, then supervise the tree decorations.  I am vowing to not do it this year.  I wonder if I will be able to keep my hands out of it?


So... after getting some washing on, I went back to bed with a headache.
Coughing still, but not as bad as last week.  Maybe I am on the improve?

Fresh off Facebook:

ABOVE:  Teddy and Riley just got groomed, hence the cute little bandana's on them (left).
Bottom R shows him and Peppa in a 'new' sleeping place... top of the couch.  So cute.  He's so happy in his new home, I know we made the right decision in re-homing him.
No matter what anyone else says, or thinks.

I'm now off to 'supervise' the tree decorations.

 ABOVE:  first decision, put the tree up on a table... away from toddler and puppy.

ABOVE:  done!  Stew did it all, except for hanging a few balls, which Steve did.

Very happy with our tree... it's not a white tree with blue lights, but it's still gorgeous.

The rest of today has been fairly quiet.  Our friend Jacqui from Tauranga is here for a couple of days, so we have company tonight and tomorrow night.  How lovely.

End of Day: a productive day, so glad that freakin' tree is up at last.
Winding down... watching some tv while yakking with Jacqui too.


  1. Wow how many stockings do u the tree.....and the lights

  2. Looking good Chris!

  3. Looks great. Love the matching wrapping paper.

  4. The lights on the tree look fantastic! Those chooks are making me feel hungry!! Yum! Good idea to have the tree on a table, much safer away from little fingers and chewing puppies!

  5. The tree looks delightful. And it is so good to see updates from Teddy, he looks like he belongs there and is a happy pooch.

  6. Wow your Xmas corner looks fan love it and next year be an extra stocking! The blue lights are gorgeous and the Xmas wrap gives me an idea of theme wrapping too I don't have many to wrap though.

  7. It looks great! Teddy looks like he's doing just fine.

  8. Teddy! So happy he's doing well!


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